Are The Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Safe For Tourists? A detailed insight...

Are The Favelas In Rio de Janeiro Safe For Tourists?

Are the favelas in Brazil dangerous for tourists? I talk about our experience staying inside a favela in Rio de Janeiro and what to look out for.
The incredible sunset over São Paulo from Terraço Italia

Top 5 Things To Do In São Paulo On The Weekend

Heading to Brazil and got a few days spare in the big smoke? Make the most of it with these top 5 things to do in São Paulo (from a locals' point of view)!
Are the Brazilian favelas safe? In this travel story we explore a terrifying situation we were in just recently when we visited Rio de Janeiro. The title gives quite a lot away...

5 Lessons From Being Held Up At Gunpoint In A Brazilian...

Are the Brazilian favelas safe? In this travel story we explore a terrifying situation we were put in when we visited Rio de Janeiro.
This rare sunset at Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro is a must see!

Magic In Brazil: How To Watch The Arpoador Sunset, Rio de...

It was a warm summer evening in Rio de Janeiro. Sky pink and birds dancing over the mountains afar, we watched in awe as the...
An amazing view in Rio de Janeiro - sunset over Ipanema from Arpoador

Where To Find The Best Views In Rio de Janeiro

Get your camera ready and prepare to be in awe. Here are 5 settings to capture some of the best views of Rio de Janeiro.
The swimming pool at Skye Bar | The Best Rooftop Bar In São Paulo: Skye Bar At Hotel Unique

The Best Rooftop Bar In São Paulo: Skye Bar At Hotel...

It was approaching sunset at the end of a long workweek for most São Paulo inhabitants. The sky was as clear as water and...
Are you planning to travel to South America? The tropical northeast of Brazil is well worth adding to your itinerary, especially Porto de Galinhas in the state of Pernambuco. With bright turquoise water and stunning natural pools, this is the perfect destination to sit back, relax and crack open and nice cold... coconut. StoryV Travel & Lifestyle

Porto de Galinhas: Tropical Northeast Brazil Travel Guide

Travelling to Brazil? Bright turquoise water and tropical weather make the northeast of Brazil worth a visit, particularly Porto de Galinhas. Full guide...
7 stunning beaches in Rio de Janeiro you won't want to leave

Top 7 Stunning Beaches in Rio de Janeiro You Can’t Miss

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beautiful, diverse beaches. Here are the top 7 beaches in Rio de Janeiro we didn't want to leave & neither will you.
Travel inspiration for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo Diary: What To Expect Of Copacabana Beach

Coconuts, tanning oil and booty were the first thoughts that came to my mind when Copacabana beach made its way onto our Brazilian travel...
Prainha da Barra - Things to do in Lagoa da Conceicão, Florianópolis

Brazil Travel Guide: Things To Do In Lagoa Da Conceicão, Florianópolis

Travelling to Florianópolis? Lagoa da Conceicão is one of the most popular spots to stay. Here are 7 things to do in Lagoa da Conceicão. Don't miss it!

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