Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling

Update! Our ultimate travel job guide – Get Paid To Travel: 101 Amazing Travel Jobs – is now live! If full time travel is your ultimate goal but you’re not sure how to make it a reality just yet, don’t leave without reading this first!

Since meeting each other in Thailand a few years back, Dan and I have traveled near and far together, running an online business which supports our nomadic lifestyle.


For a long time I’ve been writing about different strategies you can use to make money online while traveling, but recently I realised that I haven’t shared all the strategies we use in one place.

So that’s where we’re at today.


In this post I’m going to take you through the exact ways we currently make money online while traveling through our business, Adireto, so you can gain some inspiration and ideas for your own entrepreneurial journey…

** Before I forget I also recommend checking out these 15 awesome travel job courses that’ll teach you the exact skills you need for many kinds of remote jobs you can do from anywhere.


Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling

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Are you considering ways to make money online while traveling and don't quite know where to start? In this post we share exactly how we do it so you can gain more knowledge and ideas about how it's being done. Click through to read now!1. Website Display Ads

Before Dan and I met, he had been running a digital business for 5 years.

It was quite a simple business: In 2006 he started a news website in Brazil…

After 2 years, it had gained traction and was generating enough income from banner advertisements for Dan to go backpacking around the world permanently.

So what are banner ads?

Well, they’re quite obvious really. When you go to a website you’ll usually find graphics or links placed throughout, including the side-bar, header and within the content. These are banner ads.

How do we get paid to display banner ads?

Well first of all, you need to have a website.

Second of all, you need to be getting quite a lot of traffic to your website to earn well.

Most of the time, your income is based on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions/views).

There are many ad networks to go through or you can display ads directly from the advertisers (cutting out the middle man).

On this particular site that Dan started, both types of advertising are displayed.

The most popular ad network to start out on is Google Adsense

Basically this is how it works:

Advertisers use the Google Adwords program to create their ad campaigns, then when you sign up as a Google Adsense partner, you will have access to a code.

Once you’ve placed the code wherever you want the ads to be on your site, the advertisers campaigns will show up. You can also choose what kinds of ads you don’t want to display.

Then, when someone clicks on an ad, you will make a small percentage of the CPC the advertiser is paying.

Other networks work in a similar way, except a lot of them pay better.

As I said, you can also work with advertisers directly, in which case you can reach out to companies offering ad space or wait until they approach you.

Example of a banner ad:

Banner ad example | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling

2. Sponsored Articles and Advertorials (Native Ads)

Sponsored posts and advertorials are another form of online advertising, except they are content based, or otherwise known as “native ads”.

Sponsored posts and advertorials are often seen as the exact same thing but here’s how I tend to differentiate the two:

Typically, a sponsored article looks like a normal blog post, except it includes mention of the sponsor or advertiser and a link to their site.

For example, the content may be about how to have a luxury travel experience on a budget and then link to a recommended travel agency which specialises in this.

In my eyes, an advertorial is usually more focused on the product itself.

For example, a make-up company just released a new mascara… If you were to publish an advertorial about this, you’d typically use the mascara itself as the focus of the post.

You may also have banner ads and other branding elements surrounding the content to create a bigger impact.

Sometimes the content is provided to us by the advertiser, other times we have full control over the content.

In most cases, the advertisers approach us with their proposal and then we respond with our rates and terms…

If they accept, we send them an invoice via Paypal. Once paid, we publish the content within an agreed timeframe.

Example of an advertorial:

Example of an advertorial | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling
Image courtesy of

3. Digital Products

For us, digital products make up a large source of our online income, but a lot of that is due to the partnerships Dan and our team have developed in Brazil over the last year. I’ll get to that in the next point though…

Other than the partnerships, we have an eBook which we sell through this site and we also have an online course coming very soon.

We wrote the eBook just a few months after launching this site and have been selling it ever since, you can check it out here.

To learn more about how we create a sell digital products, here is a beginners guide I put together.

eBook, Travel More
The cover of our eBook, Travel More

4. Partnerships

Developing partnerships with other digital product owners has caused the business to take a huge turn in the past year and become more profitable than ever.

As I mentioned above, we have two sides of Adireto… One is Hong Kong based and was started to receive international income and the other is Brazil based.

The Brazil based business (where Dan is from) is where we are focused right now.

At Adireto Brasil we work alongside an amazing team of business partners and digital marketing experts.

Here we partner with other digital product owners to scale their businesses through paid traffic (online advertising).

Adireto actually started off as an affiliate (I’ll get to that next), but when competition began to increase in the world of paid traffic, Dan and the team came up with a better idea…

To actually become an investor (or part owner) in a few select companies we work in partnership with.

This way, Adireto invests in and executes the online advertising for each company and then the profits are split.

Adireto is not a marketing agency because we only work with a few select business partners, not clients.

Business Partnerships | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling5. Affiliate Marketing

I’ve already written a huge guide to affiliate marketing which will be highly valuable if you’re just getting started.

We work as affiliates in all aspects of our business.

On the news site Dan created 10 years ago…

On this site…

On many other sites in between…

And for some of these sites, affiliate marketing is our main source of income.

But not only do we work as affiliates through our websites, we also send paid traffic straight to affiliate offers using Facebook ads, Taboola and Outbrain…

And another way we send traffic to affiliate offers is through the use of powerful email marketing funnels.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the term used when you partner with another business to promote their products and drive more sales online. If your unique link is clicked and a sale is made, you make a commission.

We are affiliates for eBooks, courses, booking sites, hosting platforms, software and more.

Affiliate Marketing | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling6. Workshops/Mentoring/Masterminds

As our team in Brazil continues to become more successful, we’ve introduced workshops, mentoring and masterminds into our business model, teaching other entrepreneurs how to scale their digital business to new heights.

At the moment Dan and the team are testing the waters in Brazil but we do plan to expand into the English market as well.

Only recently Adireto organised an “immersion”, where we spent 3 amazing days in a mansion near the beach with 15 entrepreneurs, learning and sharing strategies to grow our businesses with native advertising.

The week before that, we had an incredible 3-day mastermind with some of the top digital entrepreneurs in Brazil, again, learning and sharing mind-blowing strategies to push our businesses to the next level.

And earlier this year, Dan and the team mentored two groups of people who wanted to learn the ins and outs of growing their business online. One of the mentoring programs was executed over a period of 6 months and included a 2-day live event and the other went for 3 months and was solely online.

The main reason why Dan and the team are able to get all these entrepreneurs involved is because they spend a lot of time networking and building their online presence.

I definitely want to do some kind of “nomad immersion” in a tropical country with you guys soon, so if you’re interested, make sure you’re on our list and I’ll let you know when it’s going down!

The Native Ads Immersion in Guarujá, Brazil:

Native Ads Immersion Brazil | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling

The Infinity Experience (Mastermind) in São Paulo, Brazil:

The Infinity Experience Brazil (Mastermind) | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling

7. English Teaching

Earlier this year Dan came up with a great idea to earn some extra remote income on the side…

But being honest, most people could travel through Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe quite comfortably with this income.

Basically, I chat with non-native English speakers every afternoon on Whatsapp.

If you would like to know how you can do this too, I’m putting together a Webinar very soon, so make sure you’re on our list and I’ll notify you before we go live!

Teach on Whatsapp | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling8. Online Software (coming soon)

I can’t really talk too much about this, but we have a few nerds at Adireto working on some pretty nifty online platforms that’ll completely change our game again.

More on that to come in the future!

Software | Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling

July 2017 Addition: Our Online Store, SHOP STORYV!

That’s right! We finally jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon and have started our very own travel gift and accessories store!

I personally choose all the products we sell on the store, making sure we only have the most on trend and/or practical travel products available to you.

So at the moment we sell everything from world map watches, to wanderlust inspired jewellery, to practical travel accessories, to travel fashion and much more. You should totally check it out. 😉

We run our store through Shopify and love the experience so far. It’s so easy to set up and run it without having to invest tons of time into it.

Obviously at the moment we’re starting off slow with a couple of sales per day on average but we’re working on our Facebook ads game to get this show on the road!

Stay tuned!

Watch The Video About How We Make Money Online:

A Final Note…

In business (and in life) we’re constantly moving and shifting to keep up with new opportunities when they are presented.

In a few months from now, who knows, this post could look a whole lot different…

I mean, when I first met Dan in Thailand, he made a bit of passive income here and there and I was new to this whole make money online while traveling idea…

But now we’ve got a whole team working with us in Brazil generating amazing results, I’ve got a great VA helping me with this site, and all of us have really grown as entrepreneurs.

So if you’ve been considering ways to make money online while traveling, this is exactly how we do it (at the moment).

I hope this has helped you to see how people are truly doing it and given you some ideas of your own!

If you haven’t already, remember to grab our free eBook, 12 Steps To Full Time Travel, and I’ll also notify you of my upcoming Webinar and future nomad retreat!

** Remember, check out these 15 awesome travel job courses to learn the exact skills you need for many kinds of remote jobs you can do from anywhere.

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