Travel Jobs: How To Make Money Blogging From Anywhere?

Blogging is a good way to express your thoughts and yourself for other people to read and experience. If you’re a traveler or you want to go on a long vacation, you can always blog about your experience and learn how to make money from blogging.


While traveling can take a lot of time, there is also the lingering question about making money. Many people are still on the fence about how to make money blogging from anywhere.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to make money blogging from anywhere you travel, check out the entire guide below.

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What is Blogging?

Blogging is very similar to journaling or writing your diary. It is all about expressing your thoughts, viewpoints, and experiences for your audience to read.

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Blogging has changed the way we absorb information. Many bloggers today often use their capabilities to earn an income even while they’re traveling.


They often use their blogs to share information and bring in sales or commissions.

How Much Do You Earn From Blogging?

Bloggers often earn a varied amount per month. On average, they usually make around $60,000 a year but this can be different depending on the type of niche and popularity of your blog.

It can be very challenging for many bloggers to start as the income is quite low at the start.

As soon as you gain traction or about a year into blogging, you’ll soon see the difference in how you earn. You can even start to earn as much as $3,000 a month.

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Reasons You Want to Start a Blog

There are so many reasons why people want to blog.

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You can start a blog by just sharing your fun experiences as you travel but as you go along, you’ll soon discover that there are more reasons why you should start blogging.

Documentation of Your Life

Blogging is all about documenting your life. It is the modern-day journal that you chose to share with the public.

Blogging is a space for you to share your thoughts and experiences wherever you are.

A Creative Outlet

While you convey your thoughts about your experience with travel, blogging also fosters creativity.

You will notice that you want to find many ways to keep your blog interesting while remaining true to yourself. There are a lot of creative ways for you to express yourself that blogging can do.

Connect With People

Many people often blog to share what they are going through especially when it comes to traveling.

It becomes an excellent way to connect with other people especially if they want to share their own experiences.

It has become a good way for people of the same mindset and experience to meet in real life.

Earn An Income

Today, a lot of people are also into blogging not only because of how they can provide creative outlets but also because they can earn a good income.

Blogging can become a steady income even while you travel. As long as it is creative, high-quality, and interesting, people will always come to your website to learn more.

How to Start a Blog

Many people might think that blogging is very easy and you can make a quick buck out of publishing your thoughts and experiences.

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Blogging takes time and patience as well as perseverance and wit.

It takes a tremendous amount of preparation for you to be successful in this kind of venture.

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Identify What You Like

The first step in starting a blog is to find and identify what you like to blog about. In this instance, travel is the key topic in your blog.

No matter what happens, your blog will always be centered around the topic of travel. You can always talk about other topics but your main focus will always be about travel.

Find the topic that you like and stick to it.

Determine Your Audience

Now that you know what you want to write about, you can then ask yourself if other people are interested in the work that you do.

Your audience will be the key to your success so you need to make sure that you capture their interest immediately. Consider what your audience also likes and make sure that you’re aligned.

Planning and Naming Your Blog

Your entire blog needs to have a name or title that makes people remember you. When they think of travel, they immediately think about you or your blog when they search for you on Google.

Branding is key to remaining a prevalent player in the blogging industry. Always have a blog name that everyone can easily remember.

Choose a Hosting Site or Build Your Own

There are two things that you can do to start your own blog. You can either choose a hosting site that often comes for free or with a subscription or you can choose to build your own.

A lot of beginners often choose a hosting site to learn more about the background stuff in blogging.

Web hosting on the other hand can cost as low as $2.95 per month to sustain your site.

Publishing Your Article

Once you have your blog site, it is time for you to publish your article. Write your article based on the guidelines for search engine optimization.

This will help increase traffic on your website with the help of keywords. Keywords are sets of words that users input when they are trying to search for you on a search engine.

You aim to always be at the top five of the search list which can drive more traffic to your site.

How to Make Money Blogging From Anywhere In The World

Now that you’ve learned how to create your blog, it is time to learn how to make money blogging from anywhere in the world.

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You can travel all over the world and still make tons of money from it. Take note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme so it takes some time for you to start making money.

Here’s how to do it.

Learn How to Make Money Blogging Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing uses specific texts within your blog that will link users to a desired website. Oftentimes, these texts are used to entice them to click it especially if they are looking for something.

Every time a reader clicks on the link and purchases an item from the site, you get a commission.

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Add Ads to Your Site

The most common way to earn an income through blogging from anywhere in the world is to add ads to your site.

You can add banner advertisements on your main page and many other blog parts.

These ads do not require a minimum amount of views for you to start earning so it can be considered a passive way to earn an income. This is great if you are still starting and you want to travel.

Write Sponsored Content

If you are already bringing huge amounts of numbers to your blog, it is time to take things up to another level and accept sponsorships. Many online businesses out there want to advertise their products through bloggers.

By having sponsored content, you can simply blog about your experience with the product and you get paid for it. You can even agree to have commissions if there is an option.


Starting a blog is a very rewarding and oftentimes, lucrative option, especially for those who want to travel. You can start earning a good income by learning how to make money blogging from anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. This means that if you click through and purchase something, we’ll make a commission at no extra cost to you (in fact, if anything, you’ll get a nice discount). We use and trust all products promoted here and would never recommend a product that isn’t of value.

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