Travel Jobs: 50 Magazines And Websites That Pay You To Write About Travel In 2024

If you are a frequent traveler and have a passion for writing, now is the time to take advantage of turning your hobby and passion into a source of income. You can look for magazines and websites that pay you to write about travel so you can work from anywhere.


These are the magazines and websites that pay you to write about travel in 2024.

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1. Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing focuses more on working while you travel which you may have a very good insight into.

Their style of publishing is all about providing inspiration surrounding the topic of travel, photography, tours, and many more.


If you want to apply, you can check out their official website and earn around $100 to $150 for personal stories that you submit as well as interviews.

2. Wanderlust

Wanderlust is one of the most prestigious travel magazines in the United Kingdom. They have thousands of subscribers who read magazine features.

It is safe to say that this freelance writing gig is going to be a tough hill to climb but when you do, you can earn as much as £220 for every 1,000 words that you’re able to publish.

It is often a writing job that many people are looking for especially when it comes to travel.

3. Backpacker

Backpacker is a print and digital magazine that primarily focuses on backpacking and travel hiking. They publish stories about different experiences from all walks of life.

You can submit your entry at their official website or you can apply to become part of their staff.

The rate varies depending on the experience and the section and starts from $0.25 to $0.50 per word.

4. DesertUSA

Are you fond of writing about the different regions within the United States? Do you have a knack for telling stories behind the different terrains that you have traveled?

Now is the time to make money while traveling from your passion with DesertUSA. They feature different kinds of articles regarding the regional history and geology of the area and writers are paid around $50 per article.

5. International Living

You might have already seen this magazine and blog when you visit different cities all over the world.

International Living is one of the most popular travel magazines and blogs that helps people find a place where they can retire peacefully and affordably. The magazine offers reviews as well as articles that suggest places to live.

Print articles have a rate of around $250 or more while website articles and blogs have around $0.10 per word.

6. Porthole Magazine

Porthole Magazine is a magazine focused on cruise experiences. If you have experience and knowledge of traveling on cruise ships, this might be the job for you.

You can write about the history of cruise ships and even interesting stories about the entire cruise experience.

You can check out their official website and the rate for each article varies from $500 to $600 for many assigned stories.

7. GoNomad

GoNomad is all about traveling but they usually offer content that provokes both your mind and soul. They go to places that are both trending and off the beaten path.

If you want to work for an established travel magazine that offers fresh and new perspectives on traveling, you can always submit yours at GoNomad.

Most articles are paid upon publication and the rate can be as high as $25 per feature.

8. The Wayward Post

The Wayward Post is all about modern-day explorers who want to tell a very intricate and personal story. All of their features are both fun and responsible.

This digital magazine offers content like guides, and inspiring stories, and even highlights different people and brands for their uniqueness. Payment for writers is based on commission.

9. Travel + Leisure

As one of the most influential travel brands in the world, Travel + Leisure offers the finest travel guides and insider tips on hotels, restaurants, resorts, and many other tourist destinations.

You can read reviews on restaurants, check out the hottest shopping destinations, and more with this magazine.

Writers get paid in varied amounts and must agree on commissioning to earn from travel guides, tips, and trip ideas as content.

10. Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine is an established institution in the world of science, culture, and travel. They cover a wide variety of topics but are also focused on travel.

They have a website that accommodates writers from different backgrounds providing stories that relate to the topic.

Their travel section has articles about journey guides, inspiring travel stories, and many more. Payment is done through commissions and you can submit your feature on their official website.

11. Verge Magazine

Verge Magazine is a digital-only publication from Canada that offers articles with a certain quality and purpose. They are focused on traveling for a reason leaning towards social awareness and making a difference.

Contributors are encouraged to send their articles to their official website to be featured on their website and they are paid a small flat fee.

12. Horizon Guides

Horizon Guides is a unique blend of travel and other niche topics such as fishing and photography. The website offers contributors a very competitive rate starting at £400 per assignment.

Horizon Guides continue to make waves in the travel magazine and website industry with their downloadable travel guides which can be quite useful for both beginners and tourists alike.

13. Go World Travel

Go World Travel is the ultimate travel magazine for different kinds of writers. They feature a lot of personal insights on certain destinations or tourist spots and the style of writing is up to the contributor.

With this amount of freedom to express your thoughts on travel, you can submit your contribution at their website and get paid up to $40 per article for up to 1,600 words.

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14. Matador Network

The Matador Network is a popular publication that is known to have worked with hundreds and thousands of filmmakers, photographers, and writers from various industries.

They are also one of the best resources for beginner travel with their travel section. The publication offers opportunities to beginner writers to provide them with content about travel.

All you need to do is to set up an account, apply for the position, and follow their guidelines. You can earn more than $40 for short articles.

15. Listverse

Listverse is a unique website where you can find interesting list articles. They have a very out-of-the-box approach with their styles and offer unique facts.

They have a section that consists of travel articles and you can start earning up to $100 per list which should contain more than 10 items without any form of plagiarism.

16. Viator Blog

Anyone who experiences specific travel destinations can visit Viator Blog to get paid. The websites that pay you to write about travel offer very fascinating takes and insights on different destinations and regions.

While there are a lot of requirements for you to publish your entry, the main caveat is that you must provide them with personal insights and experiences and weave them into your article.

These can either be your experience in a certain festival or hidden gems. You’ll be paid around $45 for each post.

17. Hidden Compass

Hidden Compass is another unique website that offers education on travel journalism. This online international travel magazine offers a very interesting take on travel as it features some of the most obscure places to travel.

If you are fond of discovering and exploring new places and you want to write to earn, this is your chance. Articles with photos will be paid as much as $800 and an additional 50% from campaign proceeds.

18. AFAR

AFAR is a publication that features personal essays and opinions about certain travel destinations. They also have stories about the place and the people living in it.

The rate starts at $1 per word and is payable within 30 to 45 days after submitting the invoice.

19. Hemispheres Magazine

If you have been flying with United Airlines, you might have already read Hemispheres Magazine. It is the official inflight magazine of the airlines with over 11 million readers every month.

The magazine offers different perspectives on travel and culture. The rates can be negotiated and all you need to do is check their official website or email their editor-in-chief.

20. Family Traveller

Family Traveller is a UK-based magazine that accepts writers from all over the world. Their magazine features insights and practical travel information, especially with families that travel with their children and how they can immerse in the experience.

They offer $0.25 per word for articles and all you need to do is to contact their editor-in-chief or check out their website.

21. Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine focuses on travel with adventure sports and adventure destinations. The magazine often features international travel destinations and adventures while creating voices for people who love to go on them, especially within the LGBTQIA+ space.

Writers can get up to $0.50 per word and are paid within 30 days of publishing their work.

22. 101 Holidays

101 Holidays is all about travel stories on holidays. They can be either personal experiences or reviews regarding a certain holiday.

The rate depends on the length and complexity of the article and all rights will remain towards the author. The website pays around £50 and £100 per article published.

23. ADVMoto

ADVMoto or Adventure Motorcycle features articles about people and their travel experiences with their motorcycles.

Fun adventurous motorcyclists who provide inspirational stories will be compensated up to $150 and more.

24. EatingWell

EatingWell merges the concepts of travel, beauty, and lifestyle into one website and magazine. This outlet is willing to accept different niches within the travel industry and caters to a wide variety of audiences.

Topics can intersect with each other which means that you can have as many topics to cover as you can. Rates vary from one article to another depending on quality.

25. Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly now accepts writers who offer editorial pieces on travel destinations. If you have a knack for travel reviews and editorial websites that pay you to write, you will surely have a good chance of getting this gig.

They also accept freelancer travel writers so you can boost your portfolio by having this prestigious publishing company on your list.

26. Green Lifestyle Magazine

This magazine addresses all the environmental concerns while also educating people on reducing their carbon footprint while traveling.

They also showcase travel, food, fashion, and many more. Their rate starts at 400AUD to 800AUD depending on the level of research and the length of the article.

27. Salt Magazine

Salt Magazine offers locals and many other people to get their hands on writing about Calgary and Vancouver Island through proper promotion.

They accept pre-written articles and features that meet their very strict guidelines.

28. Recreation News

Another great travel publisher with a heavy focus on the Mid-Atlantic area is Recreation News.

They offer both physical and digital editions of their features that focus on the area. Writers can provide insights on food and places to stay as well as any other outdoor recreational activities to do while you’re staying in the region.

Articles submitted have a rate of $50 to $300 depending on the length and quality.

29. Road & Travel Magazine

This online publication offers a unique perspective on traveling with its heavy emphasis on automotive, personal safety, and travel.

The magazine helps readers make critical decisions when on the road traveling and purchasing certain vehicles for travel.

The magazine has a very wide coverage and rates will depend on the length and quality of the article.

30. RVTravel

RVTravel is another online and print publication that features blogs and other content related to the RV lifestyle and camping.

Writers can pitch stories as articles and many other writeups. Once successfully published, writers can get a regular gig as paid contributors to the website.

31. BootsnAll

BootsnAll is an online publication website that encourages you to have a safe and fun experience through travel.

The website inspires you to travel around the world or even in your own city or region to experience a new environment or discover a new culture.

The website has a curated community of writers who contribute to their website through articles and newsletters. They offer writers with a rate of $50 per article paid upon publication.

32. Budget Travel

Budget Travel is an online resource website that features some of the world’s savviest travel experts.

They offer practical and very timely travel tips and hacks while showing off different travel destinations that are truly accessible to anyone.

They even offer deals to their readers in many destinations. Writers can post how-to articles, ideas, budget travel tips, and more while payment is made on commissioning.

33. World Hum

As one of the few websites that have been in the business since the early 2000s, World Hum offers a unique first-person perspective on traveling.

They have some of the best travel stories ever told about how the journey towards a certain destination happens, how travel has changed their perspective in life, and many more.

If you want to contribute to websites that pay you to write, you can expect to provide them with first-person narratives, and payment is agreed on commissioning.

34. Global Comment

Global Comment is a digital magazine that has a very eclectic set of content. They cover different materials ranging from art, culture, poetry, and many more.

They also have a culture and global section that offers reviews, features, and editorials. Check out their website for more information on how you can write for them.

35. The Penny Hoarder

With over 10 million readers each month, this personal finance website sets out to put more money into its readers by sharing inspirational stories coming from real people’s experiences.

They also offer practical tips on saving money and budgeting especially while traveling. Writers can contribute fun and unique ideas on saving, earning, and investing money and get paid up to $75 per article.

36. In The Know Traveler

In The Know Traveler celebrates the world through traveling and promoting the wonders of unique culture and destinations.

They post very positive stories about their travel experiences in different countries while letting you know what you can expect. These stories aim to inform and inspire people to travel.

Payment for writers is agreed on commissioning and you will need to submit positive travel stories according to their guidelines.

37. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner has a team of travel writers that feature articles ranging from travel news, insights, commentaries, and even videos from all over the world.

They offer first-person narratives, lists of top 10s, and even destination overviews. Writers can expect to be paid at least $30 per article. If you want to see one of the best websites that pay you to write, this is the perfect one.

38. Fodors

Fodors has been publishing expert travel tips and advice for over 80 years now. They hire local writers from different parts of the world allowing them to tell a very local and personal story and have covered more than 7,500 destinations from all over the world.

To write for them, you will need to go through an application process. Prepare your resume and previous writeups especially with destination guides and travel tips as your main content to be accepted.

39. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is mainly a website that helps you stretch your budget to the maximum while allowing you to enjoy the things that you like.

Readers can get tips and tricks on how to save money and time and on occasion, provide you with content that allows you to stretch your budget when traveling.

You can offer tips and stories on budgeting and saving money while traveling and be compensated with a rate of $0.10 per word on each article.

40. Tales to Go

Tales to Go is a digital library where you can read travel stories and experiences. Writers can submit their articles and other writeups for $50 per submission and must be at least 1,000 words in length.

It is one of the many websites that pay you to write and accept previously published stories as long as you’re able to retain the copyright of your content.

41. Rova

Do you want to write about traveling on the road then you should reach out to Rova. Rova is a magazine that focuses on embracing the life of traveling on highways in North America.

Editors are looking for writers who can connect to people and places that allow readers to experience what’s it like to be traveling on North American roads. The article rate starts at $200.

42. Texas Highways

If you are from Texas and you want to promote your state’s tourism or are simply proud of what you have, you can pitch your writings to Texas Highways.

The publication is geared towards all Texans and informs them about exploring the entire state.

You can expect reviews, list articles of things to do, and even personal stories about local Texas culture and history. The rate starts at $0.50 per word.

43. National Geographic Traveler

If you want to try your luck and aim high with websites that pay you to write, you can always apply as a writer for National Geographic Traveler.

The website offers a unique take on traveling and your articles will be featured in this world-famous outlet. National Geographic Traveler features travel guides, editorials, personal experiences, and many more.

44. Mamamia

Mamamia is one of the largest independent women’s websites in Australia that publishes news, opinion, political analysis, social commentary, and many others.

They also hire writers who focus on travel, health, beauty, parenting and so much more. Around 4 million people read Mamamia every month so you can expect to have a very wide audience for your articles.

If you’re interested in websites that pay you to write thought-provoking and well-written articles for travel, go ahead and check out their official website.

45. Hometown Tourist

Hometown Tourist allows locals to recommend their favorite places that are worth visiting. These can be their favorite restaurants, parks, and many other local areas that might not get featured in mainstream media.

The website lets you create original and fun content about your hometown. Writers can start writing immediately and get paid through commission.

46. Upworthy

Upworthy believes that every story needs to be told in a meaningful way. The platform wants everyone to know your story including those that let you travel and experience connection with everyone.

These stories are worth telling and help break barriers for many people. The platform offers a fair base rate with traffic and distribution bonuses as payment for those who want to contribute to their site.

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47. BBC Travel

As a feature section within the BBC website, writers can provide inspiring and high-quality content on destinations all over the world.

You can expect new and relatable travel stories featuring many places all over the world from their global community of writers and editors. New writers can expect to receive at least $350 per article and $450 for seasoned writers.

48. A Luxury Travel Blog

If you’re one of the many travelers who want to have a fine experience, you should be looking into the contents of A Luxury Travel Blog.

This is just one of the many websites that pay you to write feature information on some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and teach you how to travel in style.

You also get news from the high-end travel industry and restaurants from all over the world. You can submit your contribution and get paid in commission for your work.

49. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel started in 1989 and led over 100,000 people to experience traveling like never before. This tour company prides itself on responsible travel even in very large groups.

The company has a travel blog section on its website that allows writers to contribute their travel stories, list articles, and many more. You can submit them on the official website and get paid through commissions.

50. Vagabundo Magazine

Vagabundo Magazine is the premier online travel magazine that inspires people to travel everywhere they want. The magazine aims to become the number one go-to publication for travel stories and experiences.

Its unique digital format makes for an exclusive experience but the myriad of stories and experiences to tell are endless. Writers can contribute different stories in a wide variety of formats including $200 for cover stories, $100 for a long feature, $80 for a short feature, and many more.


Traveling and writing about it is a mutually exclusive relationship. Anyone who has a talent for writing with a traveling hobby can always earn an extra income with these magazines and websites. Go ahead and check these websites that pay you to write today to learn more.

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