Make Money While Traveling: 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong

We all know how difficult it is to put your job on hold while you go and travel the world. It doesn’t have to be the case, especially in this modern world. You can take full advantage of technology to continue living the adventure of a lifetime while also making money.


You might be wondering how you can make money while traveling and what you may have done wrong. There are several ideas that you’ll soon discover in this article but you might be doing them wrong or suboptimally.

Check out the guide below to see what you’re doing wrong when it comes to making money while traveling.

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Not Vlogging Your Adventures

One of the main reasons why travel vloggers are becoming one of the most profitable money-making ventures right now is that they can enjoy while making money.

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If you’re planning on traveling around the world with a limited budget, you can extend that budget by starting a travel vlog on YouTube or any other social media platform.


You can even make good use of affiliate marketing to further enhance your earnings.

You can also seek out third-party websites such as or Trivago and add their links to your content and get a commission.

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Ignoring Freelance Work

Notice that the work-from-home setup has made it possible for you to travel and work.

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This is exactly what freelancers have been doing for quite some time now. The thing is, when other people do so, they start freelance work without any online skills.

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when they want to venture into freelance work while traveling.

Websites such as Upwork and Indeed are great platforms to look for freelance work. They even offer hourly rates and sometimes, project-based jobs that you can work on while you travel at your own pace.

Not Teaching Your Skills to Other People

Another great way for you to earn money while traveling is to teach your skills to other people.

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This is where most ESL teachers thrive the most. ESL teachers online teachers or tutors teach their students a new language or help students from different parts of the world achieve good grades.

If you are an English speaker, you can always start this right away but make sure to avoid making mistakes such as joining online tutor apps that require you to pay first before you can register.

The best part about online teaching is that you can schedule your classes on your own time so you can still enjoy while you’re traveling.

Not Taking Advantage of Small Jobs

When you’re traveling to certain countries, there will always be small jobs that nobody wants to do.

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Most of these jobs tend to pay very well but they can also be quite messy or will require a lot of labor.

These can either be dog sitting or dog walking or you can use your diving license to start teaching locals and other tourists how to dive.

No matter what it is, take advantage of these small jobs and always use your skills to the fullest.

Not Selling Your Travel Photos Online

As a traveler, you are most likely going to take a lot of pictures in different areas that you visit.

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Take this opportunity to sell your photos instead of just posting them on your social media. If you are a professional photographer, go ahead and sell your photos online.

You can sell your photos online through platforms like Envato Market, Fotolia, and Shutterstock.

Before you do so, make sure that you check their rules and regulations first. The quality of the pictures will also be very critical so you need to take photos that match their quality.

Not Starting an Online Store

If you’re not able to sell your photos online through these platforms, there are still so many ways for you to make money while traveling.

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One common mistake that people make is to start an online store without any prior knowledge of how to start one.

Shopify is the perfect example of a platform that allows you to create your own online store. You can build an online storefront where you can display your products.

What’s great about using Shopify is that it has a very user-friendly interface so you don’t even need any coding knowledge to start your online store.

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Not Taking Advantage of Online Surveys

Online surveys are some of the easiest ways to earn money online but many people still do not take advantage of it.

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All you need to do is to complete online surveys and in a few minutes, you can start earning.

While it can be a quick way to earn a few dollars, you should be careful in choosing which websites to use.

Some websites promise to let you earn but end up gating your money with a minimum withdrawal amount that is nearly impossible to achieve. Some highly recommended platforms are Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, and Toluna.

Being Oblivious to Content Writing

Since you’re already traveling, you might have some insights on the countries that you’ve traveled to.

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This can be an opportunity for you to make money but many people are still oblivious to writing or blogging about it.

If you’re camera shy or you don’t have the tools to vlog your travels, you can always do content writing instead.

There are platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and many others that need travel content writers.

Not Selling Digital Products

Digital products are some of the easiest ways to earn money without exerting additional effort.

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They are also the most profitable yet no one is taking advantage of them. Selling digital products is a great way for you to earn money.

A good example of a digital product is an online course in which you have insightful knowledge. This can be traveling tips or learning how to travel to a certain country.

These courses are very helpful to beginners and can be a way for you to earn money that can fund your next travel.

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Not Using Online Passive Income

Passive income is one of the best ways for you to earn while you travel.

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If you have a home and you want to travel around the world for most months of the year, you can always have it rented out. You can also put it up for rent on Airbnb.

Not only does this generate a good amount of income, it is a passive income as well.

This makes it easier for you to create even more money-generating methods such as vlogging, selling digital products, and many others.


A lack of budget should not deter you from earning money while traveling. It only takes a few innovative ideas for you to have a steady income and still be able to travel and enjoy your adventures.

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