See the Benefits and Find Out How to Order the PC MasterCard Online

The President’s Choice Financial MasterCard gives a decent return of PC points for every dollar spent using the card. Cardholders earn a minimum of 10 points for all eligible purchases on select PC brand name stores.


The credit card is an all-around rewards card that provides more rewards for all types of spending from grocery, medications, gas, and travel. With no annual fee, cardholders get to save more while earning points redeemable for exciting freebies.

Like other no-fee cards, the PC Financial MasterCard offers basic perks and great savings. It sets up cardholders with premium rewards to maximize earnings. Read on to learn about the features of this credit card, associated charges, and the application process.

See the Benefits and Find Out How to Order the PC MasterCard Online

Features of the PC Financial MasterCard

The President’s Choice Financial MasterCard is designed to help cardholders earn points, which can be redeemed for groceries, and other items. The card pairs reward-earning features with the flexibility to earn great savings for everyday purchases, including gas and grocery.

Additional points are earned for personalized offers, generous rates on gas and pharmacy spends, and hassle-free redemption at more than 2,500 participating locations. For regular purchases, cardholders can still earn one point.


For customers who are traveling frequently, good news from Presidential’s Choice—earn two times the points for booking flights, hotels, tours, and car rentals at PC travel service. You can also increase earnings by purchasing personalized offers available in the mobile app.

Other valuable features include a free extended warranty for all purchases using the PC Financial MasterCard, purchase an assurance for the first 90 days, and cash advance in case of an emergency. In addition, you can use your card in a mobile wallet as shown below.

How to Apply for the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard

To apply for the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard, applicants need to visit the PC Financial website and look for the Financial MasterCard. Financial support the online application for faster, hassle-free, and efficient credit card applications.

By clicking the “Apply Now” button, you will be transferred to a page where you must fill out the application form. While there’s no specific income requirement for the PC Financial card, it’s easy to qualify, and even students can have this as their first card.

For individuals who fall under the high earning category, they are automatically considered for the credit card and other high-tier cards, like Financial World MasterCard or the Financial World Elite MasterCard.

However, basic requirements include being at least 18 years of age, employed with a regular monthly income, and having a good credit score.

Interest Rates and Fees

The representative variable APR of the PC Financial MasterCard is 20.97% for purchases, and 22.97% for a cash advance. Cardholders can save for balance transfers for the first six months of account opening, with a low 0.97% rate.

The bank also increases the purchase and cash advance rate depending on the account use and credit history. The interest can reach 25.95% for purchases, and 27.95% for cash advances.

There is also a foreign transaction fee of 2.5% of each purchase. However, there is no annual fee associated with this credit card.

Failing to settle the minimum payment and balance within the 21-day interest-free period can lead to additional charges and interest. Dishonored payments are charged $42, the same amount for the convenience cheque.

Contact Information

Customers and credit card applicants can contact Presidential’s Choice Financial at 1 866 246 PCMC 7262 or 647 426 1343 for toll-free international calls.

You can also locate their main office at President’s Choice Financial Bank (7th Floor) 25 York Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This address can also be used to send the bank mail.

See the Benefits and Find Out How to Order the PC MasterCard Online


The President’s Choice Financial MasterCard is a solid, non-free credit card with easy qualifications and premium rewards for Canadian residents. With hefty bonuses and travel rewards perks, it is one of the best credit cards for everyday use.

For individuals who shop regularly at PC-affiliated stores, like Atlantic Superstore, Joe Fresh, and Real Canadian Superstore, this credit card gives more savings.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.