Discover 7 Apps to Find Cheap Flights

Frequent traveler or not, finding cheap flights are the best way to save airfare cost. If you are looking for cheap flights there are plenty of useful applications available that can help you find amazing deals on tickets without breaking the bank.


To help you score the best flight deals, there’s no better way than being able to use convenient mobile apps. In this post, we will help you to find must-have applications that you can use to find cheap flights for your next trip.

Say goodbye to expensive bookings and hello to new ways of saving right from your device’s screen. From last-minute bookings to the cheapest deals, these seven apps to find cheap flights will help you save big money.


1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is definitely one of the top apps when it comes to finding cheap flights, especially if you are looking for the cheapest routes or locations. The amount of flexibility that this app offer is indispensable. It has an intuitive interface that lets you easily compare flight prices between other airlines and you can book your tickets in just a few clicks.

If you are not in hurry to book, you can sign up for price alerts that notify you when there is a marked down on airline ticket prices. It has a wide variety of options including price comparison and flight tracking. You can also set up alerts to get notified when prices drop or when flights become available. Skyscanner is truly a gem for travelers who wants to save up on travel expenses.


2. Kayak

Kayak is probably one of the most well-known travel apps that offer a wide variety of amazing deals on flights. Its powerful search engine helps you effortlessly compare prices between different airlines and routes. Kayak provides the ability to view travel dates with flexibility away from your initial dates.

Additionally, Kayak has an explore option that allows you to locate low-cost destinations on a map. You can adjust the search parameters to suit your travel needs and requirements, length of stay, and budget, or opt for a search based on your desired tour motif.

3. Momondo

Momondo is a popular booking tool that offers easy and seamless travel booking that compares cheap flights and routes all over the world. This app uses a unique algorithm to filter flight analytics and share good deals being offered on flights among various airlines.

Another reason why Momondo is one of the best travel search engines is that it doesn’t include booking fees and ensures flight transparency while giving insightful comparisons between hotel and flight prices. Momondo also has a tailored feature that helps travelers view digital flight calendars and availability to select cheap dates and make advance travel planning accordingly to save resources.

4. Hopper

Hopper offers comprehensive flight tracking, price monitoring, and forecasting, so you can always stay up to date on the latest deals. It also provides personalized notifications and price estimates, so you can plan your travel with confidence. Just like other mentioned applications, this app helps travelers to find cheap flights.

With Hopper’s flight price prediction on flights, it helps travelers calculate prices for their airfare tickets, airline promotions, and special offers, and whether the price is likely to go up or down in the near future. This helps travelers make informed decisions when booking their airfare tickets and ensure they get the best deal possible.

5. CheapFlights

The CheapFlights app is a great tool for booking the cheapest flights available. It allows the traveler to customize their searches to fit within their desired budget, and specify airports, airlines, stopovers, departure, and arrival times. Travelers can compare prices and book later ensuring that they can get the best deals with the greatest convenience.

The app also includes baggage updates that allow travelers to be informed of the minimum and maximum baggage allowance on their flight. This key feature helps users avoid being charged excess baggage fees that might potentially ruin their general flight experience.

6. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is a flight booking platform that helps customer to book cheap flights that utilize the “hidden-city” technique to save airline costs. This ticketing tactic sparked controversy due to the alleged unethical usage of the hidden city method.

As elaborated by Skiplagged, this ticketing process is a way of saving money on airfare by booking a flight with a layover at your desired destination, but only flying the first leg of the flight. This way, you don’t have to pay for the entire flight and can save money. While others condemn this practice, Skiplagged ensures that it is completely legal but still comes with few precautions.

7. Jetradar

Jetradar is an application that provides a comprehensive search engine that filters airline ticket prices, flexible flights, and a fast yet hassle-free flight search experience related to travel and adventure. This all-rounder flight search application connects with various travel agencies and airlines around the world to provide convenience for every traveler on a budget.

Jetradar lets you add flights to your favorites and get notifications if there is a change in the price of a particular flight, giving you a favorable chance to score cheap flights. Whether you are travelling internationally or locally, JetRadar is made to provide efficient ways to access ideal flights at desirable prices.


Worry no more about the expensive flight ticket cost with these go-to applications for your various trips. Whether you’re traveling with family, for business, or even a solo vacation, these apps can help address your cheap airfare travel needs.

With a little bit of research, you can also use these apps to take advantage of deals and promotions. Set your plans straight and make your travel plans come true with these apps for cheap flights.