How New Year’s Eve Party Planning Will Be Different This Year

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the craziest years ever! With the pandemic sweeping the planet, life as we know it has completely changed!


And though it has been a time of many trials, 2020 has also been about spending endless time with oneself and an opportunity for much-needed introspection. Many of us have come to finally experience self-love, indulge in self-care, and learned to value the things that we always took for granted!

As this year, filled with its uncanny surprises, comes to an end, we look forward to bringing in 2021. While New Year celebrations will be pretty different this year, who says we cannot begin the year with all the positivity and joy of a new beginning?! Read on to discover some fun ideas for your New Year’s Eve party!


How New Year's Eve Party Planning Will Be Different This Year

Organize A Virtual Party  

With all the rules to do with social distancing, we can no longer gather in large groups, and yet we humans are bound to find ways to celebrate some way or the other! 


One great idea would be to hold a virtual party with your friends or family. If you haven’t tried it already, I guarantee you; it is a lot of fun! 

So talk to your loved ones and ask them to be available a few minutes before the clock strikes twelve! Set up a video conference via Zoom or Google Meet and have them online with you on video. (Apps for both of these services can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.)

Make sure you have some champagne to share the merry virtual cheers!

Dress For New Year’s

Just because you aren’t going out to the club doesn’t mean you should be dressed in your pajamas. Dressing up and looking your best will get you in a mood to celebrate. 

You can take pictures and share them with your friends or show off that fancy outfit you’ve been longing to wear at your virtual party.

Prepare A Sumptuous Meal 

For all the things we have gone through this year, we need to end it with a good taste in our mouth! So go ahead and prepare a lovely meal, bake a delicious cake, and dish out those delicacies. 

If you have other members of your close family or housemates living with you, invite them to the table and relish the meal together in good spirit and talk about your plans for the year to come.

Dance Your Heart Out

There is no better therapy than dancing to your favorite music! Get that playlist on and blast those speakers to get you in the mood you so deserve! 

You can dance by yourself as many of us do anyway or have a dance-off with your siblings. You can even invite your friends for a virtual dance party where you can all share the latest dance moves! Some pandemic moves, perhaps?!

Play Games With Your Friends And Family

Playing a game together with your friends and family can be a super fun thing to do this New Year’s. You can gather your close family in the drawing-room and bring out games like Bingo, Family Feud, Uno, or Scrabble. 

If you wish to make it competitive, you have some prizes up your sleeve for the winners!

Besides, there are plenty of games you can include in your virtual party. Zoom has numerous games like Outburst, Quiplash, and Battleship, which you can play with your friends online. 

Watch Movies All Night Long

How New Year's Eve Party Planning Will Be Different This Year

Get some popcorn and tasty snacks and indulge in a cinematic treat with your loved ones. Select a collection of movies of your favorite genre and binge-watch all night long! 

You might enjoy watching the Godfather series or the Kill Bill volumes; I know I would! Some of you might prefer lighter feel-good New year theme movies like ‘New Year’s Eve’ or ‘The Holiday.’ Whatever your choice, a cozy movie night is always special.


Don’t let the pandemic dim your New Year plans! There are always ways to have fun, even on our stay-at-home days! 

So get that grove going, order the Champaign, prep for your dinner, and don’t forget to invite your friends for a virtual bash!