Discover These Household Items to Sell for Quick Cash

When selling stuff, there is a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have a lot of unwanted things at home, selling them is one of the quickest ways to earn money.


Don’t neglect your old things at home because it might be useful to others. Before selling your stuff, one of the important things to consider is choosing the right platform where you will sell it. It can be through a garage sale from your home or through different online selling platforms.

In this article, we discuss some of the household items to sell for quick cash. You surely have these items stored in your attic, so you had better sell them to make quick cash.

Discover These Household Items to Sell for Quick Cash
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If you have unwanted furniture at home, the best thing to do is sell it. That furniture may no longer be needed in your home, someone might need it but they may not have the budget to buy brand new furniture. 

In selling old furniture, one of the problems is knowing reasonable prices for it. With this, you may need to research similar items online, so you can have an idea about how much to price for it. 


So, if you will be upgrading your furniture, instead of placing it into your garage or attic, sell them to save the space and to earn extra money.


The most common sold household items are electronics stuff, such as an old laptop, computer, TV, radio cassette, kitchen appliances, etc. 

What’s good about selling electronics is that whether it’s perfectly working or not, somebody will still buy it at a much lower price than buying brand new. If that electronic item is no longer working, electricians still buy it to get its working parts for their repairs. 


Selling used clothes is also a common household item that can be sold quickly. What’s good about selling old clothes is that you are making space for new items. 

As a rule of thumb in decluttering clothes in your closet, if you haven’t used them for a year, then there is a higher chance that you will no longer use them, so better sell them to earn money

If you want to splurge on buying more clothes, selling your unused stuff is the way, so you won’t have problems with your storage. 


Jewelry that is of high value, and it is a good investment. However, if you want to let go of something because it’s from your ex-partner, make money off that failed relationship by selling it. 

You may go to a jewelry shop, so they could access the value of that jewelry on the market. If you have gold jewelry, you can sell it higher than the price that you had originally bought it because of gold’s appreciation.

Power Tools

Power tools are not always used but purchasing one is expensive. That’s why a lot of people opt for used but cheaper options. 

To sell your power tools quickly, you can join groups on different social media sites where people look for these kinds of items. Take into consideration the flaws that the item has to create a reasonable price for it.

Art, Sculptures, and Paintings

Good quality paintings and sculptures will surely sell. These things can be sold at a higher price, especially if it’s a collector’s item. 

You can join some art exhibits if you have a lot of pieces or you can post it on different online selling platforms. If you have a talent for arts, you can make your own pieces and sell them to get extra cash.

Vintage Stuff

If you have a lot of unused stuff at home that are old, then don’t neglect them because vintage stuff usually pays higher. If you have valuable vintage pieces you may go to an antique shop so they can appraise it. 

You can even sell it at an auction. The value of the vintage item depends on its condition, historical significance, or rarity. 

Designer Bags and Shoes

Discover These Household Items to Sell for Quick Cash
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If you want to sell your designer bags and shoes, you can still sell it at a higher price depending on the item’s condition. There are some brands that have value or you can sell at a higher price as time goes by. 


Selling household stuff is a quick cash activity that you can do without spending a single penny. If you have a lot of clutter at home, it’s time to let go of some to make spaces for new items or to earn money for more worthwhile items.