In a Pinch? Check Out These Tips to Make Money Before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and you need to prepare your presents for your family and friends. As they say, this is the most expensive time of the year because it’s when people tend to spend more, leaving them a massive debt. 


Christmas is not the time to go into debt. Have you ever wondered how to make money before Christmas? There are plenty of ways by which you can earn extra income.

In this article, we discuss five money-making tips that you can use before Christmas. Ensure that the quick cash activity you will be doing is suitable for your lifestyle and abilities. Read on to learn more.


In a Pinch? Check Out These Tips to Make Money Before Christmas

Sell Some of Your Old Stuff

Check out your attic or closet to find things that you no longer use anymore. Don’t underestimate your old stuff because it may no longer be useful to you, but it might be useful for other people. 


There are different platforms where you can sell your stuff for free for just a low amount of fee. The most common stuff that you can easily sell is used clothes, shoes, or jewelry. 

Selling your stuff is one of the popular ways to get extra income through the use of the things that you have at home. In this way, you are not only earning extra money for Christmas, but you are also making space for new stuff. 

Find a One-Time Gig

If you have a full-time job and you still want to have an extra income, doing a one-time gig that can be done during your day off is the best option for you to get an extra income. 

You can get gigs near your place, such as a house cleaner, dog walker, waiter, baby sitter, etc. What’s good about one-time gigs is that you’ll get your pay at the end of the day.

Rent Out a Room in Your Home

If your home’s location is situated in a convenient area and you still have a spare room, the easiest way to get extra income is by renting it out. 

This is also a perfect way for you to get additional income for the coming months. You don’t have to spend a penny on advertising it. Advertising it in your social media accounts will help. 

It would also be convenient for renters to look for possible units online because it’s more convenient. Be honest with your listing. Indicate how big the rooms are and how far your place to different essential areas in town. 

Start a Home Business

You can start a home business by using your skills, such as cooking, baking, or doing DIY decorations. Nowadays, it’s easier to start a home business because marketing can easily be done on social media sites and that you are your boss. 

You’ll just need to have a smart capital that you need to grow. In starting a home business, let your family and friends be your first customers so they can also help you in advertising to other people. 

Become a Personal Shopper

In a Pinch? Check Out These Tips to Make Money Before Christmas

If you have the talent to pick out great gift ideas, this could be a way to earn extra cash. If you have a family, friend, or neighbor that is too busy in their work, you can volunteer to be their personal shopper, may it for Christmas presents or groceries. 

You can also advertise your services online so more people could try your services. You can give them your rate based on the number of items that they’ll ask you to shop for.


There are many ways to earn extra cash this holiday season to buy presents or to buy food. These money making tips that you can do before Christmas will not only make you productive, but it will give you the financial freedom to get want you want without getting into debt.