Mastercard Classic Credit Card – How to Apply?

Do you need a credit card you can use worldwide coupled with exclusive privileges and perks? There’s more to the Mastercard Classic Credit Card than any ordinary cards in the market.


It comes with reliable purchase insurance, travel protection and a bigger spending limit all rolled into one card. Are you interested in learning more about this offer?

This is one of the most powerful cards that can enhance your lifestyle and change the way you spend your money. Continue reading to discover more information about how to apply as well as the rates and fees involved.

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Features of the Mastercard Classic Credit Card

Mastercard offers a variety of credit cards but, in this article, we’re going to look closely at the features of Mastercard Classic Credit Card.

Mastercard stays true to its promise of reliable banking with its premium security system. This credit card comes with 180-day purchase insurance, which means all your purchases are covered.


For instance, if the item is damaged, lost, or stolen, it will be replaced, and you aren’t charged anything. This is incredibly useful especially for purchases online.

Traveling with your own Mastercard Classic Credit Card is truly convenient, fun and hassle-free. If you pay for your trip abroad using this card, you are insured anywhere!

Get travel insurance and be covered for accidents at a maximum of €149.625. You can also enjoy assistance when booking flights throughout your trip.

Most importantly, you can be reimbursed €150 for flight delays more than four hours and €1,000 for a delay of more than eight hours.

Sound good? There’s more! You can also enjoy exclusive merchant discounts and other offers upon presenting your Mastercard credit card for payment. Get up to 75% off on selected items from partner stores worldwide.

Mastercard Classic Credit Card Application

To request this credit card, you only need to visit Mastercard’s website and click on apply now. Fill out the form and provide your personal information. To ensure the success of your application, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a stable income of at least €1,150 per month.

For the credit limit, you can enjoy a standard spending limit of €2,500 or higher, depending on your financial capacity. Mastercard will look into your Bureau Credit Registration to find out if you are eligible for a higher credit limit.

Fees and charges of the Mastercard Classic Credit Card

In the first year of having this card, you won’t be charged with an annual fee of €20. However, if you have a negative balance, the interest rate is charged at 14% on an annual basis.

Also, supplementary cards that you order will have an annual fee of €17.50. Additionally, there is a 2% exchange rate charge when using the card in countries that do not use the euro.

In order to prevent additional charges, make sure you pay for the balances within the 21-day grace period. For a cash advance, you will be charged 1.5% of the total amount of each cash advance.

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How to Contact the Bank

If you have questions about this offer, you can contact the bank at 020-6 600 002. You can also find their main address at Wisselwerking 32, 1112 XP Diemen.


The Mastercard Classic Credit Card is a powerful card that lets you enjoy tons of exciting surprises and perks. Contact the bank to learn more information about this offer.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.