Kotak Bank Credit Card – How to Apply?

Are you tired of carrying cash when you’re shopping or dining? Sometimes, you just wish that you can afford all the things that you want without having to worry about very high-interest rates. Are you looking for a credit card that has the convenience of cashless transactions and special perks like reward points and more?


The Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card is the perfect credit card for you. It offers a wide range of features, benefits, and rewards that suit your lifestyle. Applying for this credit card is also very easy and does not take weeks or months to wait for you to get approved, unlike many other cards.

Get a closer look at the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card and how you can apply for the credit card with the article down below.

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Main Features and Benefits of Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card

When you have the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card, you immediately receive countless benefits from Visa. All of the features found on every Visa card apply to the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card.

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This ultimately means that the card is widely accepted in many establishments including your favorite restaurant, mall, and even online merchants. You get discounts from your favorite stores all over the country.


What’s more, is that you also get the Urbane Shield which allows you to enjoy coverage of Rs.50,000 when your card is found to be a victim of any fraudulent charge. If your card does get stolen or gets lost, all you need to do is call their customer service number and it will be immediately replaced.

You can also apply for an add-on card for your loved one and you get to share all of the amazing features while also keeping track of your expenses.

Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card Reward and Redemption

When it comes to rewards, the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card is one of the most generous credit cards in India. You get to earn as much as 3X the number of reward points from just spending Rs.100 on any retail transaction.

Make sure that you use the card in any transaction that you make with your favorite retailer or merchant and take advantage of this reward program. Once you earn 1,000 reward points, you can then redeem it for Rs.75. The card has a minimum of 1,000 reward points for you to redeem the rewards.

To do this, head over to the Kotak Mahindra website and log in to your account. Select the available rewards based on how many reward points you have accumulated and receive your rewards.

Milestone Rewards

Speaking of rewards, the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card also features milestone rewards when you’re able to reach a certain amount within a year. If you’re able to spend Rs.1 Lakh within a year using your card, you have two options as part of your reward.

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You can get 4 PVR tickets or you get 10,000 reward points. If you choose the tickets, the PVR tickets can be used any day and any show and are transferrable. You can redeem the tickets within 3 months after the promotion.

If you choose the reward points, you’ll receive the reward points on your next billing cycle which will be accredited to your overall points.

The reward points can then be used to redeem airline tickets, movie tickets, and more. You can only receive the reward points within 3 months after the promotion closes.

Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card Fees and Other Charges

While the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card does have all the benefits and features that you can find on a credit card, it also shares a good amount of fees and other charges. Cardholders are expected to pay an annual fee of Rs.199 but you can waive this annual fee if you’re able to spend a minimum of Rs.15,000 per year.

The interest charge for purchases is 3.5% per month while cash advance charges are at Rs.300 per Rs10,000 withdrawn from the card. There is also a foreign currency markup of 3.5% and if you go over the limit, you get charged up to Rs.500.

Make sure that you also pay on time as you will be charged with a late payment fee of as much as Rs.700.

Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card Eligibility Requirements

The Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card is very easy to acquire especially for those who are employed and are looking for a good credit card.

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You need to be 21 years old and above but not more than 65 years old to become the principal cardholder. You must also be located in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and other major cities to be qualified for the card.

You must also be a resident of India and must have a minimum annual income of Rs.3 Lakh and above. This will help you become eligible for the card and after that, you can prepare the necessary documents to apply for this credit card.

What Documents Do You Need to Prepare?

There are several documents that you need to prepare if you want to apply for the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card. First, you need to provide proof of identity which includes your PAN card, driving license, passport, or Aadhar card.

You also need to provide proof of address which can be your Aadhar card, any utility bill, property registration document, a Person of Indian Origin card, and others.

Lastly, you will be required to submit proof of income which can be your two most recent salary slips that is not older than 3 months, your latest Form 16, and the last 3 months of your bank statement.

How to Apply for the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card?

Now that you have the documents, you can proceed to apply for the card through the website.

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To apply, simply visit the Kotak Mahindra Bank website and click on Explore Products. Select Card and then Credit Cards and choose Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card. Fill in all the necessary details and upload the required documents.

Make sure that you review all the necessary information and the terms and conditions before submitting.

How to Contact

If you need further assistance, you may call their customer service number at 1860 266 2666 or if you have any credit card-related inquiries, you can reach them at 1860 266 2666.

You can also use their branch finder to locate the nearest branch or you can send them mail using the address – Kotak Bank, P.O. Box: 16344, Mumbai – 400013.

You can also visit their main office at Corporate Office 159-A, C.S.T Road, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, 400098, India.


The Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card is a very flexible card that gives you all the rewards that you want. You can’t find a similar card that offers movie tickets, discounts on partner establishments, and many other premium rewards than the Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card. Go ahead and sign up for the card today!

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.