Best Beach Vacations in December – Learn About the Options

We all start itching for a sunny vacation when winter comes knocking and changing leaves are replaced by habitual flurries. 


As the days draw in, the clocks go back, and the temperature falls into single digits, memories of warmer days start giving us the travel bug. So what are the best winter vacations available to you?

Read on to discover a whole host of warm beaches, so in December you just have to select one of the following beach destinations and start planning your best winter vacation.

Best Beach Vacations in December - Learn About the Options
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Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

The fine, white and pink-sand Horseshoe Bay is one of the most highly regarded. Rimmed with limestone rocks and lined with intimate coves, the Atlantic shoreline is named for its curved shape

Although overenthusiastic sun-seekers can overwhelm the beach, to escape the crowds, you can easily go to neighboring empty inlets, such as Rocky Port Royal Cove (AKA Baby Beach) to the west and Peel Rock Cove to the east.


Do not miss out on great snorkeling if you’re down in the water for some time. Just a few of the colorful marine species you can find are parrotfish, angelfish, and snappers.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Given its sinister moniker as “Land’s End” (received because of its distance to California’s southern tip), Los Cabos is as warm and welcoming as it is any time of year during winter. 

The attraction is comprised of two major towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, in which each offers a mix of luxurious lodging and plenty of room to explore both on and off the beach.

Tour alongside gray whales while on a boat trip to El Arco, the arch-shaped rock formation where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean, in the region between December and April.

Punta Gorda, Belize

Although travelers swarm the beaches of the famous Placencia and Hopkins beaches of Belize to the north, with 85-degree weather and picturesque shorelines, Punta Gorda curls up in the southern region of the country. 

Visitors can head out for catch-and-release fly fishing trips, relax on the beach, enjoy the Rio Blanco National Park waterfalls, or stroll pleasantly through the low-trafficked Mayan ruins at Lubaantun as the destination is a fishing village by trade.

Best Beach Vacations in December - Learn About the Options
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Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Although most devote the majority of their Bahamian trips to Nassau or Paradise Island, those in the know catch a ferry to Harbour Island to enjoy a relaxing day on Pink Sands Beach.

The coral reef-protected shore’s three-mile landscape is laid-back in all the ways that its resort-town counterparts will never be. A sea of friendly people and few tourists follow the Serene Atlantic waves, and sure you didn’t expect it: pale pink sand. 

Another bonus? The sand is always pleasingly cool to the touch, so without worrying about burning your toes, you can walk barefoot.

Byron Bay, Australia

In this balmy New South Wales coastal area, whale watching warms up during the winter months. From December through February (a.k.a. Australia’s summer), Byron Bay is a surfer’s paradise when the temperatures reach about 80 degrees

Captain Cook Lookout is a must-visit in the range, but plan to spend the day as it is situated within the Cape Byron State Conservation Area, host to miles of walking trails and one of the most beautiful attractions in Australia.

Best Beach Vacations in December - Learn About the Options
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There’s no need to delay until summer to wiggle your toes in soft sand and warm water along the shore. 

While the majority of the world is covered under layers of snow and ice, there are many beach destinations that are hot as ever. So no matter the weather where you are the summer is always just a plane ride away.