Learn About These Creative Marketing Tools

Instead of delivering content with the traditional approach, such as using written text, photographs, or videos, advertisers can learn more about digital design these days. 


There are storyboarding tools that provide layouts and feedback when graphics, text, and videos are ready for a campaign or landing page, so the idea can be visualized before going live. 

Luckily, some sites help to prepare and coordinate plans and ideas for content. There are several choices, but here are the suggested ones to give your strategy an edge!


Learn About These Creative Marketing Tools


Hootsuite helps you to control your accounts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+), saving you a lot of time in one location. You can plan all your posts ahead of time, freeing up the rest of your day once your profiles are linked! Even better, the first three profiles are free, although you get some pretty useful features if you upgrade. 


Hootsuite is a forum for managing social media covering almost every part of a social media manager’s role. Users can do the easy stuff with only one platform, such as curating fun content and coordinating posts all the way up to managing team members and calculating ROI.


Mysimpleshow is a website for video production where users can create their own explanatory videos based on any topic. The tool uses a simple 4-step guided user process that makes it easier for users to write a voiceover using plot templates to support writing or import-related text from a PowerPoint file. 

By recommending visuals created by the site or using your own images, Mysimpleshow then automatically visualizes the story, making the process super easy. A voiceover of your text is finished with the final recording, and your self-made video is completed in minutes.

Explain your product or service, let a potential client have a better first experience, make an excellent presentation for investors, or explain your team’s ideas.


Trello is a team-based collaboration platform. For organizational planning and team coordination, lists, boards, and cards generated by the tool provide options. All invited users may participate in the party, which means they can add, edit, transfer, and delete notes. 

Apps can be incorporated into groups and workflows, users can engage in different teams, and it is possible to handle project collaboration from start to finish. 

Content marketers can improve their innovative marketing campaigns by using these tools. Aesthetics will be more attractive, management will be made simpler, messages will be more centered, and easier to illustrate a message or campaign. Content marketers-keep this in mind, and you’ll have even more impact on your target audiences!


You’ve already heard of MailChimp, and maybe you’re even using it. It helps you to build and personalize your emails with a user-friendly drag and drop system.

If you can add your own template code, MailChimp makes it simple to create your own branded template if you can. 

There is a free option, but the paid version helps you to save heaps of time to create an automated email journey for your subscribers. It perfectly integrates with WordPress, so website signups go straight to the excellent list!

Google Trends

Google Trends is a functionality of search trends that indicates how often, over a given period of time, a given search word is inserted into Google’s search engine compared to the overall search volume of the web. 

For the chosen region and time, the numbers reflect the search interest relative to the highest point on the table. A value of 100 is the term’s peak popularity, while a value of 50 means the term is half as famous. 

You’ll find a section for trending searches on Google Trends’ homepage. The hottest subjects of the moment are Trending Searches. You can browse trending searches daily, search patterns in real-time, and search by region.

Learn About These Creative Marketing Tools
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To get you started, these are just a few. These tools can help you save time and money! Download them and try out now.