Dogs That Look Like Their Humans – We Can’t Deal

There is just something funny about a dog looking like its owner! It’s like these dynamic duos have been made for each other.

We all used to think it was just a coincidence, but science has proven that owners and dogs often resemble each other. In a study several years ago, scientists were able to correctly match a dog to its owner solely based on looks.


Sometimes, though, it’s just too much to deal with when you see the photos that some loving doggy parents post online. We have gathered together some images of dogs that look like their humans. These are just too good to pass by.

Cheesy Grins & Selfies!

You have to wonder if this dog was trying to get a good selfie and their owner just happened to photobomb the picture.


This picture was posted on Reddit thanks to Reddible. Look at those smiles – so big and so bright. It is like they were related or something.

It’s All About the Hair

This woman and pup are definitely kindred spirits. After all, it takes a lot to keep up a look like this, and they are both doing it so well.


Even the looks on this pair’s faces resemble each other. Clearly, this dog is meant for this human, and no one can say any different. 

Just Out Running Some Errands

This couple looks like they have just finished up at the hair salon, where they decided to go for the same hairstyle. Who do you think is wearing it best?

Walking down the streets of London, this individual couldn’t help but notice how similar these two looked and quickly snapped a photo for Instagram. We don’t blame them, this is just too cute!

Smile for the Camera

Long, luxurious red hair and a stunning profile! These two are mirror images of each other, and they clearly know they look good.

This pair has an almost identical hair color, and it looks like they use the same method of styling, as well. It just goes to show you that you can teach a human new tricks.

Time To Get Our Sweat On!

Squirrel! This pair looks like they just saw something run past them, and they are getting ready to take off after it. We just hope they don’t mess up their dos – they just look so nice.

Duncan, the owner of this amazingly cute little pooch, posted this image on his Twitter. It seems that he decided to let his hair grow out and noticed that he and his dog look a lot alike. 

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

Move over, Fabio! There is a pair of stunning models working their way up the ladder. They know how to work the camera and have even better hair than you!

This pair certainly knows how to use a good fan to their advantage as they take windswept to a whole new level. These two are certainly quite the pair of doppelgangers.

Couples Look Like Each Other the Longer They are Together, Right?

Those curls and waves are gorgeous, no matter how much gray is in them. These two have clearly done away with the dye and let their maturity show through.

This pup and owner have been together for quite a while if you read the tweet. They have been together so long that they both have gone a little gray. 

A Boy’s Best Friend

Look at this adorable duo! There is no way that you are not smiling right now. Look at that nappy hair on both of these two. They clearly have just finished taking a long nap and are ready to play.

So innocent and adorable, these two look like they were meant to be best buddies forever. Even the look is spot on! How and why does nature have to be so darned cute!?

Blondes Have More Fun

Look at that hair! Isn’t that magnificent! The woman’s hair is nice, too, but the dog’s luscious, blond locks are something to strive for.

Channel 4 in the U.K. held a dog and owner look-alike contest, and this was the image posted via their Twitter to announce it. Good call!

A Hipster & His Dog

Check out the profile on these two very hip individuals. There is nothing quite like a well-groomed man, don’t you think?

These two not only have the same beard upkeep, but look at the hair and eyebrows. If this human wasn’t meant for this dog, what human was?