Why People In Korea Have Healthy Skin

Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) has created a bit of a skincare revolution and has everyone wondering why people in Korea have such healthy skin. Much of K-beauty’s growth comes from the sudden popularity of all things Korean worldwide. And as Korean culture becomes more well-known, there an interest in the glowing blemish-free skin of Korean pop stars and actresses, as well as everyday people, has emerged.


Skincare has always been important in Korea with all sorts of home lotions and potions that moms have passed down to their children. But with more international attention as well as increased competition within the K-Beauty market, companies are pulling out all of the stops to be the best. Therefore as more and more Korean beauty startups and brands continue to push the envelope, the quality of their skincare products is becoming even better.

But why do people in Korea have such high regard for beauty and skincare? That’s the question our editors set out to explore as well as why people in Korea have such healthy skin. They certainly gathered some fascinating knowledge that you’ll want to know if you want to up your skin game. Let’s get into it.

healthy skin
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Access To Affordable Skincare Products

Above all, K-Beauty emphasizes the importance of skincare while also keeping its products cool and affordable. Worldwide, K-beauty products have been so popular that many global brands have already started copying Korean brands. The K-Beauty industry is expected to reach nearly $200 billion by 2024, making it one-quarter of the overall cosmetics market worldwide.

Health And Skincare Is A Korean Lifestyle

Korean beauty products concentrate a great deal on health and wellbeing. Wellness and health are not just about being well, it is a lifestyle. It includes eating healthy, doing routine workouts, and striving for a more natural appearance. Korean beauty products often prefer to use natural ingredients that are clearly labeled on their packaging. Add this to their visually attractive packaging and reasonable price, and you’ve got a clear winner.


People In Korea Are Passionate About Skincare

Skincare is a part of South Korean culture. So women, as well as men, in Korea spend time looking after their skin from a very early age. Many must live up to the unrealistic standards of beauty set by Korean advertising firms and Korean entertainment companies which means a lot of focus on skin. Beauty for Korean women is a part of life. It is necessary for anyone who wants to gain professional and social status.

Additionally, 3D printing and big data are now in the mix and will soon help in creating personalized K-beauty products. K-Beauty products may be based on personal data about the customer. If a K-Beauty startup can manage to create this personal experience for the user, they have the potential to lead the evolution of K-Beauty.

healthy skin


The great news is there seems to be a trend to break away from those unrealistic standards of K-beauty. Today Korean women have greater power than ever before. They both have social power and buying power.

Now, they determine what beauty will look like in 2020. Signs show that healthy and natural beauty products are going to be a huge trend in 2020 as Korea’s air pollution increases. More and more products are getting away from synthetic additives and will rely more on raw, organic, and vegan ingredients.

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