Video Reveals How to Earn More BP in Mobile Legends

Getting more Battle Points is an unbeatable strategy as far as Mobile Legends is concerned. Battle Points not only help you progress in the game faster, but also give you performance upgrades.


However, in the ideal scenario, there are limitations to the number of Battle Points you can accumulate at a certain stage in the game. Even the available chests that contain Battle Points unlock only after you watch certain advertisement videos, and it is certainly not a desirable place to be in. 

In this article, we introduce you to a Mobile Legends hack that can help you earn more Battle Points quickly. Continue reading to learn more.

Video Reveals How to Earn More BP in Mobile Legends

Click on the Custom Tab

Once you open the Mobile Legends game on your device, first of all, go to the “Customs” tab available on the welcome screen. This is the very tab that you use to select the characters for your game. Clicking on this tab will take you to the customization page

Choose Your Hero & Enemy

Next, on the customization page, you can select your hero and enemy for the session. This is similar to what you normally do when customizing a game session, and you do not have to do anything different. 


Turn OFF Your Internet Connection (Data/WiFi)

Once you are done selecting the Hero and the enemy and have saved the customizations. Go to the setting of your mobile phone or any other device that you are using and disconnect the internet connection. 

This includes both the data connection and wifi connection. Make sure, your device is not connected to any internet source. 

Go to Settings & Click on “Quit”

After you have disconnected your device from the internet, now go to the game settings and click on “Quit”.

Next, you have to click on the “Return” button and make an attempt to return to the game. When you select the return option, it might throw an error asking you to connect to the internet. 

Turn on Your Internet & Click “Okay”

At this point, you can connect back to the internet. Simply switch on your data and internet connection or reconnect to the WiFi. After switching on the internet, click on the “Okay” button on the error dialogue box that showed up earlier.

Wait Patiently for Loading

As soon as you click on “Okay”, the game will start loading again. The loading time here can be a bit long, and you may have to wait patiently to let the game load fully. 

Make sure you do not press the back button or refresh the page while the game is loading. Basically, do not click anywhere for some time. 

Go to the Inventory

After some time, the loading will be completed and now you can get back to the game. Go to the inventory where all the chests have been stacked up. These are the chests where you will get your Battle Points from. 

Unlock the Chests

Video Reveals How to Earn More BP in Mobile Legends
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Finally, attempt to unlock one of the chests by clicking on it. You will see that you are able to unlock it without having to go through long and annoying advertisement videos. 

Now make an attempt on the other chests. All the chests can now be unlocked at one go, and you have access to virtually an unlimited treasure-house of Battle Points. You can also have a look at this video to earn more battle points. 


It is very much possible to earn additional Battle Points in the Mobile Legends game, provided you know the right tricks and hacks. Using the hack that we have shared in this article, you can bypass all the limitations to access a huge stack of Battle Points, right away. 

It’s absolutely easy to implement this hack, and you should not face any issues.