Agribank Credit Card – How to Apply?

Looking for a credit card with decent accident insurance coverage that you can use worldwide? End your search now by applying for an Agribank Credit Card. Whichever Agribank credit card you choose, you’ll have peace of mind both at home and abroad, knowing that you will get financial assistance when unfortunate events take place.


Many cardholders are active travelers. On domestic or foreign trips, you need to be insured. Thanks to the bank’s insurance coverage feature, holders of any of its credit card products can receive financial assistance in the event of an accident.

Interested in applying for an Agribank credit card? Read on to learn how…


Agribank Credit Card Features

Being a cardholder of Vietnam’s commercial largest bank is a privilege to any resident in the country. By owning a credit card, you can avail of a wide range of exclusive advantages. Even if you only get the basic card – Standard Visa Credit Classic, you can still enjoy enormous perks.

Applicants can choose from three card types depending on your financial capacity and lifestyle. Each variant has its unique list of features and perks. But you can use all of them for online or in-store shopping, transportation and hotel accommodation all over the world. You can also get ATM cash advances with all cards.


Standard Visa Credit Classic Benefits

For young professionals and first-time cardholders, it is wise to go for the basic Agribank Standard Visa Credit Classic. Aside from its competitive interest rate, every cardholder can enjoy benefits.

Firstly, the card can be used as an ATM card. By using it, customers can withdraw or make cash advances at any ATM or EDC/POS counters. You can even change your card’s PIN code at these ATM’s.

As a cardholder you can also pay your bills online using the bank’s electronic banking feature. You no longer need to wait in long lines at an Agribank branch.

Moreover, cardholders are covered with accident insurance all over the world worth VND 15 million per card.

Want a credit card that has a decent accident insurance coverage, get wide range of exclusive deals and enormous perks? Apply for Agribank Credit Card today! Here's how to apply:

How to Apply for an Agribank Credit Card

If you want to apply for an Agribank Standard Visa Credit Classic you need to pass the bank’s screening process…

Applicants must be Vietnamese citizens or foreigners 18 years of age and above. You should also show loan guarantee documents or salary proof and social allowances. This way, the bank can gauge whether you are earning a stable income. During application, you also need to show a copy of valid ID such as your passport.

To apply, visit any Agribank branch near you as the bank does not have an online application facility yet. For more information check their website here.

If approved, you can have access to a credit line of up to VND 50 million for the Standard Visa Classic card.

Agribank Credit Card Fees

For simplicity, let’s take one final look at the Standard Visa Classic card…

  • Issuance Fee: VND 100,000
  • Annual Fee: VND 150,000
  • Interest Rate: For current interest rates please get in contact with Agribank on 1900558818
  • Cash Advance Fee: 2% of amount withdrawn with a minimum of VND 20,000
  • Late Payment Fee: 3% of amount due; Minimum VND 50,000


In summary, by becoming an Agribank Standard Visa Classic cardholder, you can enjoy a wide range of perks. You can use this card for your daily purchases both locally and internationally and maintain peace of mind with its accident insurance coverage. Apply today!