How to Apply for a HSBC Bank USA Credit Card

People want to get a credit card that gives back which is why the HSBC Bank USA Credit Card is the primary credit card that fits the bill. Loaded with features and rewards, this HSBC Bank USA Credit Card has more than just rewards to offer.


Rewards are always one of the main reasons why people often get a credit card. With so many reward credit cards to choose from, people are no longer satisfied with just having a mediocre one. This makes the HSBC Premier Credit Card the prime example.

You can check out the article below to learn more about what the HSBC Premier Credit Card is all about.

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HSBC Premier Credit Card Features and Benefits

The HSBC Premier Credit Card is one of the many HSBC credit cards that is loaded with features and benefits.

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It has introductory offers, a rewards program, travel benefits, daily perks, and many more. Check them all out below.


Massive Introductory Offer

The HSBC Premier Credit Card offers a whopping 35,000 Rewards Bonus Points that are worth $400 in air travel as part of its amazing introductory offer.

Once you open an account, you only need to spend at least $3,000 for the first 3 months and you will receive this amazing offer.

Earning Rewards Points and Redeeming Prizes

Apart from the introductory offer, the HSBC Bank USA Credit Card also has a rewards program that lets you earn 2x the Rewards Points when you use the card on airline, hotel, and car rental bookings.

Any other purchases and transactions will earn you 1x Rewards Points for every dollar that you spend. You can then redeem the points you’ve accumulated as cash rewards, gift cards, travel discounts, and many more.

Take Note of These Interest Rates and Charges

While you get to enjoy zero annual fees with the HSBC Premier Credit Card, you will still need to take note of these interest rates and many other charges that come with owning the card.

Cardholders will need to take into consideration the interest rate for purchases and balance transfers at variable APR of 21.24% to 25.24%. There is no foreign transaction fee with this credit card.

Travel Benefits

The HSBC Premier Credit Card is also a great partner for travelers who want to make sure that they have the best travel experience.

With this card, you gain access to global WiFi with Boingo where you can secure millions of hotspots all over the world. There is also a statement credit worth $85 towards the TSA Precheck application fee for every 54 months.

Additionally, you also get to enjoy the Mastercard Travel Rewards program where you can get exclusive discounts and promos.

Day-to-Day Perks

You might think that this HSBC Bank USA Credit Card is geared towards spenders and travelers but the credit card also lets you enjoy your day-to-day experiences.

Cardholders get exclusive experiences when you visit new areas as you live, shop, and travel. You also get a complimentary ShopRunner membership with free return shipping and free 2-day shipping at more than 140 stores.

You also get a $5 credit when you take 3 Lyft rides every month.

Security Features

HSBC Premier Credit Cardholders are provided with top-notch security features such as Mastercard ID Theft Protection and Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement.

With these security features, you receive one-on-one support until your claim is resolved. You will get reimbursed for any damages made when your identity is compromised.

Is the HSBC Premier Credit Card for You?

You might be wondering if the HSBC Bank USA Credit Card is truly for you. This credit card is meant for those who already have an existing HSBC Premier checking account.

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You won’t be able to apply if you don’t have one. The credit card is also for those who want a travel rewards credit card that offers flexible rewards and easy redemption.

If you’re a frequent traveler, especially outside the US, you will surely enjoy the experience brought to you by this amazing credit card.

Contact Details

If you have other inquiries regarding the credit card, you can contact their customer service hotline at 888.662.4722 (HSBC) or 716.841.6866 if you are calling from outside the US or Canada.

You can also visit their main website and check out their Help Center or use their chat feature to connect with a representative. You can visit their main office located at 1800 Tysons Blvd. Tysons, VA 22102.

How to Apply for the HSBC Bank USA Credit Card

There are several ways for you to apply for the HSBC Premier Credit Card.

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You can apply online or you can apply in person. You can also apply through phone through their customer service hotline mentioned above.

In-Person Application

If you wish to apply in person, you can head over to the official website and use their Wealth Center locator to locate the nearest HSBC branch in your area.

You can then prepare all the required documents and head to the branch to apply for the card.

Applying Online

Applying online is much more convenient especially if you are already an HSBC member since you can only apply for the card if you have an existing US HSBC Premier checking account.

If you already have one, log in to your account and then fill out the online application form. Make sure that you have the correct and accurate information as well as the terms and conditions before you submit your application.

Waiting for Approval

Once you are approved, the card will be sent to you by mail after a few business days. You will need to activate the card before you can use it for any purchases.

Once activated, you can link your card to your account on your mobile banking app or make transactions immediately.

Eligibility Requirements for the HSBC Bank USA Credit Card

Apart from having an existing US HSBC Premier checking account, there are other requirements that you need to prepare to apply for the HSBC Premier Credit Card.

You need to provide your Social Security Number, proof of ID, proof of address, and proof of income.

Other documents which you will need to provide include your driver’s license, taxpayer identification, and other identifying documents. You must also be of legal age to get the card.


HSBC Premier Credit Card offers very decent rewards and travel benefits that you will surely love. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out the card today and apply.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.