10 Crazy Simple Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

As you go about your daily life, you often just go through the motions, sure that you are doing all those simple tasks right. It turns out, though, that many of us have been doing things all wrong and no one has bothered to tell us. 

Have you been peeling and eating a banana from the top? Well, guess what? We should have taken the hint from our furry cousins, the monkeys, because this is all wrong. In fact, you should peel from the bottom and use the stem as a handle.


Who knew? If something this simple has been done all wrong for so long, what else are we doing that we shouldn’t? Let’s take a look at 10 crazy simple things that we’ve been doing all wrong our whole lives.

Aluminum Foil

How many of us open up that aluminum foil and just start unrolling, only to have problems keeping the roll in the box. This leads to a messed up foil roll and several trips chasing it across the counter.


Come to find out, we have been doing it all wrong. There are actually two tabs at either end of the box that, when pushed in, keeps the foil roll in place. How handy is that?

Bobby Pins

For those ladies out there who love to do a good updo and have always used bobby pins, this one’s for you. Have you ever noticed that the bobby pin just won’t stay put when you use them?


According to 5-Minute Crafts, that is because we have been putting them in with the wrong side facing up. The curves of the bobby pin are meant to be put in facing your scalp so that they can grab onto the hair.

Eating Cupcakes

Cupcakes are so good! However, they can be messy, and that may cause some to steer away from eating one. 

There is a way to eat a cupcake without all of that mess, though. If you take the top half off and flip it over, sticking it to the bottom half you will be able to keep your fingers and face clean. 

Cutting the Cheese

Have you ever been trying to make a nice cheese and fruit platter to impress your friends and just can’t cut that soft cheese where it looks photo-ready? The answer is not to use a knife.

Instead, use dental floss (as long as it is not flavored). The thin tightly pulled string will glide through that cheese with ease. After a little practice, you will have those slices looking perfect for that Instagram post. 

Cooking Pot Handle

Tired of cleaning your counter after making that red sauce? Some people go for the little spoon holders that have cute sayings, but there is no need to spend that extra cash.

That’s right, the saucepan comes with a pre-made spoon holder. That hole in the handle was intended to hold your spoon while you are cooking. If only we had all known this before, it would have saved a bit of mess.

Pouring Your OJ

Having a large glass of OJ in the morning is a good way to start the morning, but pouring the juice from the carton can be hard to control.

This can be fixed by pouring the juice from the top. This will allow you to control it better and cut off the stream of juice easier and cleanly. 

Soda Tabs

It’s frustrating when you are trying to sip your soda through a straw, right? The carbonation keeps lifting the straw out of the can and makes it hard to use.

That is because you are supposed to be slipping your straw through the tab. Turn the tab so that the hole is over the can’s opening, slip the straw through, and you won’t have this problem anymore. 

Starbucks Lid

Everyone loves a good Starbucks coffee or tea, but the ring that they leave on your desk can be a little annoying.

There is a solution to this issue… take an extra lid and flip it over. All Starbucks drinks lids are designed to act as coasters, as well.

Chinese Takeout Container

The movies have done us wrong. Every movie has those single men and women eating their Chinese takeout straight from the carton, but that is all wrong.

The carton part is right, but the container is actually designed to be broken open and used as a plate. That would make it so much easier.

Tic Tacs

Too many tic tacs can leave your breath smelling way too fresh, but how do you get just one? This is a question that has plagued humanity for decades.

The answer is actually built into the packaging, though. If you take the box and set it on its side with the lid at the top, you can open it and easily get one tic tac.