Absa Premium Credit Card – How to Apply?

Interested in having a credit card that allows you to access your savings and checking account? Or do you simply want to earn numerous rewards points and cash back offers? With the Absa Premium Credit Card, you can enjoy all of these and more.


Absa Bank provides cardholders with an excellent rewards program. Apart from earning points with every swipe, you can also enjoy exclusive access to airport lounges across South Africa. Want to know more about this credit card? Read on to find out how you can apply today.

Absa Premium Credit Card Features and Benefits

Available in both by Mastercard and Visa, one of the main highlights of the Absa Premium Credit Card is its one-card solution. Through this feature, you can easily access your accounts wherever you might be. Whether you are looking to consolidate your finances or simply want a more convenient method, this credit card ensures fast and hassle-free shopping each and every time.


Another advantage you certainly don’t want to miss out on includes having access to Bidvest Airport Lounges across South Africa. Under this offering, you can enjoy 4 complimentary domestic lounge visits and 2 free international lounge visits per month. Secondary cardholders can also access this privilege, provided that their visits are covered under your visits as well. During this time, you can stay 1.5 hours in the lounge for domestic flights, while you are given 3 hours to stay for international flights.

You are also entitled to earn up to 1.5% cash back rewards through the Absa Rewards Programme. From shopping at the grocery, Absa partner merchants, or from fuelling up at Sasol, you can earn points with every swipe.


As part of their comprehensive coverage, you can also get basic travel insurance cover and purchase protection benefits. This provides you and your purchases with short term insurance protection against theft or other accidental damages. This promotion is valid for 90 days from your purchase date.

Looking for a credit card that allows you to access your savings and checking account while also get numerous award points by shopping? Get yourself Absa Premium Credit Card today! Here's how to apply...

Getting an Absa Premium Credit Card

Interested applicants can apply for a credit card by visiting the Absa website. To qualify for the Absa Premium Credit Card, you must at least be 18 years old and must be earning R2,000 or more per month. A good credit history is also essential.

Documents that will be asked include personal information, address and contact information, and employment and salary details.

Applications approved under this account will be given a credit limit based on their creditworthiness.

Absa Premium Credit Card Fees and Charges

There is a monthly account fee of R53,00 for primary cardholders. Secondary members will be charged a monthly account fee of R15,50. There is also an initiation fee of R170,00.

Other charges that you need to take note of include the monthly credit facility service fee of R27,00 and the monthly garage card fee of R40,00. Cash withdrawals will be charged a minimum of R4,50 while overseas transactions will incur a charge of R65,00.

Overall, the Absa Premium Credit Card is perfect for individuals who are looking for a credit card that offers a wealth of rewards and easy financial management. Apply now!