How to Create a Frugal Grocery List

Being frugal is one of the best ways to control your spending, and it ensures that you do not overspend your money. You can also find yourself with some extra money at all times to take care of emergency situations and pay off your debts.


Most people are familiar with budgeting when it comes to keeping an eye on their money, but they may not be well versed in what it means to live a frugal life. 

Frugality actually simply takes control of your spending and ensures that you are only buying what is necessary and getting rid of wastage. Read on to learn how you can create a frugal grocery list.

How to Create a Frugal Grocery List

Tips for a Frugal Grocery List

One of the biggest problems when it comes to budgeting is shopping without a proper list or meal plan. This is what encourages overspending. So, before you go to the grocery store, ensure that you have written down everything you need to shop for, on that day.

Always plan your menu as per the sales. You could check out the Buy one, Get one Free deals, and also ensure that you use coupons at all times. 


Stock up when you are buying your groceries, but also ensure that you check on the expiry dates very closely, so you do not end up with spoilt food. Try shopping at different stores, so you can compare the prices and ensure that you are buying at the least possible price.

Make Sure to Think Ahead

When you meal plan for the whole week, you will be able to choose and identify the recipes that you will be used, accompanied by the spices and other requirements, so you buy them all together at the same time.

Menu planning and online shopping helps you see how much everything will cost and you can then adjust the lists as you go. This ensures that you are less likely to buy something that you haven’t written down and budgeted for.

Buy Food in Bulk

Buy your meats in bulk and ensure that you cut them yourself. This is because sometimes the meat is usually cut too large for families, and you can even go half with your neighbor. 

Try not to buy the pre-packaged meat as it is usually more expensive than deli meat. Additionally, stick to the cheaper cut meats, such as chicken, sausages, and mince, because this is closer to its use date. 

This way, you will have something in the freezer, which can be used in next week’s meal plans. The supermarket loves to mark their own meat down in the mornings, and this is when you should shop so you can get some great deals.

Get the Essentials

Always ensure that you have stuff, such as butter, flour, milk, eggs, and yeast. These can be used to make pancakes, bread, tortillas, biscuits, etc. These go a long way when you need to prepare a quick snack for your family, rather than buying the snacks all the time.

Also, ensure that you always have potatoes, rice, cheese, frozen veggies, and oatmeal. These may not appear fancy to you and your family, but they are healthy and will keep them full all the time.

You could make a large pot of homemade soup often, then leave it to cool so you can pour it into the mug sized Tupperware containers. These can then be frozen and consumed whenever you want to with your meals.

Get Carbohydrates

How to Create a Frugal Grocery List

Constantly make casseroles, soups, and pasta so you can ensure to have 2 meals and a few lunches all the time. Try and make your own muffins, desserts, bread, and things that are healthier for your family. 

Carbs should always be your friend when you are looking for filling means. These include rice, pasta, corn, potatoes, bread, and polenta, which can be bought at a grocery store.


As you can see, being frugal doesn’t mean that you deny yourself the good things in life, rather it is a way of ensuring that you stick to the basic recipes. Veggies are a good option for most families, and when they are cooked well, you can really appreciate them.