How To Ensure That Your Living Space Is Virus Free

Viruses spread fast if you are not careful. Take different precautions to avoid spreading any infection or causing illness for you or your loved ones. In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has raised various issues on how people should live a healthy life in order to prevent its spread. Most viruses have no permanent cure. Thus, the best thing is to minimize the rate at which it spreads.


If you are living alone or with loved ones, it’s essential to maintain hygiene since viruses survive in contaminated areas. Infection causing diseases are hazardous and they can even result in death, as we have seen with COVID-19.

There are different measures you can consider if you are looking forward to a virus-free living space. The primary step in preventing the spread of viruses is hygiene and visiting the hospital when you feel any signs and symptoms of a particular disease. Here are various hacks to help you live in an infection-free space.

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Wash Your Hands Regularly

The hands carry a lot of viruses, especially if you have been in contact with other people, or you have touched various surfaces. Unfortunately, germs are invisible. Thus, it’s hard to determine when your hands are clean or not. 

However, you can make sure they are clean by simply washing your hands. Use soap and water to clean your hands for about 20 seconds. This cleaning helps remove viruses and avoids spreading it if you touch your face or other parts of the body.


If you don’t have any soap in your home, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Moreover, avoid touching different surfaces in your home if you have not yet cleaned your hands. If you touch a surface with unwashed hands, another person in your home is likely to touch the same place and, in turn, contract a virus such as COVID-19.

Seclusion From Other People

If you or your loved one is sick with a virus-related disease, the best option is to take them to the hospital where they will spend time until they recover. Close contact with infected people leads to the spread of diseases, thus the need for seclusion.

Ensure everyone in your home is tested to be free from any virus-related disease. Most virus-related diseases are highly infectious. It would be best if you did not risk the chance of your family members contracting the same illness. Therefore, take time to visit a medical center for screening and treatment.

Clean And Disinfect Surfaces

The most touched places in a home include the doorknobs, tables, desks, handles, keyboard, toilet, sinks, faucets, and mobile phones. Disinfect your home and focus on the most-touched surfaces to remove any viruses.

Use detergent or soap to clean surfaces, ensuring that there are no left germs and viruses. When one member of the family is sick, it can take only a few hours to infect others. Therefore, take your time cleaning different surfaces. Use clean water to clean before you disinfect.

Disinfection in your home should be strategic to cover all surfaces. Use EPA-registered household disinfectants to remove any viruses on the surface. Dilute your household bleach for it to work well. However, there is a specific procedure to follow for the bleach to work as expected.

Mix about five teaspoons of bleach with a gallon of water or four teaspoons of bleach for a quart of water. When applying the mixture, ensure there is proper ventilation in the room. Also, check the disinfectant expiry date for it to be effective.

Do not mix any bleach with ammonia since it would not be useful for removing any virus on the surface. Cleaning the most touched parts of your living space should be a daily routine to help your family live happily with no illness threatening their lives.

When you observe hygiene, you are eliminating a high percentage of your family contacting any virus. You and your loved ones should adopt a cleaning routine for the entire home, removing any viruses and living in a healthy and illness free environment.

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Bottom Line

Cleaning your home is the foundation of creating a virus-free living space. Clean by observing personal hygiene and disinfecting your home. By doing so, you will remove different viruses and help save lives.