How to Apply for ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

While paying with cash is one of the most prudent pieces of financial advice that you can follow, what happens when you don’t have it on hand? In a time like this when we are facing tough economic times, what can you do amidst a world that runs on credit? This is where useful credit cards come in handy.


With a credit card that you pay for responsibly and on time, you’re unlikely to live a strenuous financial life. It’s not that you won’t struggle when things are tough, but at least you’ll have something for the rainy days. Credit cards are quite essential to how we live today.

That’s why we have cards such as the ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card on the market today. With this card, when you make payments on time, you also earn rewards for your spending. Such rewards include cash back on purchases and more. You have to learn more about this card, so read on below!

ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency
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Features, Benefits Of The ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

Some of the finest features that you are assured of when you’re a holder of this UnionPay Dual Currency Card is the 8% cashback on purchases. If that still doesn’t get you more interested in the card, how about having access to select airports and railways station lounges?

You have 6 DragonPasses per cardholder. This is regardless of how many cards you hold at the moment.


You can enjoy these passes, as a cardholder, at a number of railways stations and airports globally. The cashback is capped at $80 after the first 3 months. In the first three months of you holding the card, you can earn cashback in excess of $500.

Eligibility And Application Rules For The ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

ICBC UnionPay Rules of Application

For eligibility on this specific card, as most cards have their own eligibility passes, you have to meet certain criteria. The requirements that you definitely have to meet are, among them, age and employment.

First, you have to be at least 18-years old for you to be eligible for this card. You also need to be earning at least $30,000 annually for consideration. And you have to provide supporting documents for both your age and earning before you can be considered.

To apply for this card, you can logon or visit the ICBC website, then select credit cards. Then, you should pick the UnionPay Dual Currency Card from the list you get. On the next page, click the ‘apply online’ button.

You’ll be directed to a form that you’re to fill out. Details on your identification, residence and such should be easily filled out. Then, attach a computerized copy of your payslip where necessary and other documents that are needed. Since the bank has the prerogative to either accept or reject your application, you’ll have to wait as they review your application.

Charges/Fees Associated

Like most cards, this card also has fees associated with it. Some of the fees are unknown unless you ask the bank about them. And, you’re advised to ask the bank’s representative about these fees before applying for the card.

Here are some fees that you’ll likely incur with this card.

  • S$150 for annual principal fees
  • Supplementary cards carry an S$75 annual fee charge
  • The annual interest rate is at 24%
  • Late payments will incur a fee of $40
  • The minimum you can pay per month is 3% of the used amount or $50, whichever one is high when you’re paying

Bank Contact Info, Address

To get in touch with a representative from the bank, you can use the 24/7 customer care line at 65 38 1006. The bank’s address is 6 Raffles Quay #23-01 Singapore.

Waived Fees Feature

What stands out about this card is the fact that all fees (Currency Exchange Charges) are waived when you use the card in mainland China. This means that you can make payments on the card when in mainland China without having to check for extra fees, regardless of how much you decide to spend.

Most cards usually have a percentage fee attached to the amount you spend on foreign currency exchange.


To have a card that offers you high cashback on your expenditures is a dream come true. That’s exactly what you get when you sign up and qualify for this ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Card. The limitation as to how much cashback you can receive are also lenient on the user.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.