A Brief Guide To Investing In Vacation Timeshares

With almost everyone in debt today, the best you can do is look for opportunities to invest. That’s why, today, you have options like timeshares. Timeshares are one of the ideas that many people want to take advantage of.


Now, investments may not assure you that you’ll have money all the time, but at least you have some to use when you really need it. At times, it isn’t even about the money, it’s the idea of having something that belongs to you.

You can get to learn more about how timeshares work, how to get one, and much more about the investment by reading below. Briefs on cons, pros, and other ideas about this type of investment can be found here too.



Definition Of Vacation Timeshares

A simple definition of timeshares is that it is a type of shared ownership for a property. In this case, a vacation property is a property co-owned by a number of owners who enjoy exclusive use of the property for some time.


Vacation timeshares are available for a number of properties in different designs and regions. In addition, depending on the type of ownership you choose to get in to, owners have set times for use fo the property.

You either get a week a year or a floating week every year. The bottom line is that your use and every other owner’s use is limited. The time you get is limited to a season.


One of the best benefits of investing in a vacation timeshare is that you get an organized vacation. The stressful, sloppy type of vacations that you may be accustomed to is a thing of the past once you invest in a timeshare.

When you share ownership, you also have less baggage of having to spend a lot of cash on a property you only spend a week in.

The other thing about a timeshare is that you have extra comfort. Remember the last time you tried to book a resort only to find out it was already booked, that won’t happen again. Your favorite place is always available because you own it.


First of all, if you’re looking to make money and that’s your main objecting for investing in a timeshare, you should back down now. Considering all the fees and ongoing expenses, this isn’t something you’re going to make money with.

Another drawback that you have to look at is the cost of investing here. There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to timeshare investments so they are quite costly.

The other thing you want to take a look at is they usually aren’t available for more than a week or a few weeks at most. If you have a month or two for vacation a year, then this isn’t the right move for you.

And, if you like to vacation in more than one place, this also isn’t what you should be looking at investing in. Lastly, reselling the vacation timeshare can also be a stressful and gruesome process.

Types Of Timeshares

When it comes to timeshares, they have been divided into two categories, shared lease and shared deed. Both of them are structured differently and serve different purposes. Here is how they are structured.

For the shared lease, you get a fixed floating week or weeks for a year, depending on your agreement. The years which you lease the property for are also decided when you lease the property too.

The deed, however, in this case, is retained by the developer of the property. One thing you have to carefully consider is the low value it stands for in terms of timeshares.

For the shared deed, you have percentage ownership of the physical property that you choose to invest in. The shared deed is held in perpetuity or for life and can be willed to another party.

It also can be resold to another party should the owner be willing to sell his percentage.



Investing in a vacation timeshare is a good way to avoid the struggle that comes with arranging your next vacation. It, however, comes with a number of challenges as well. You have to figure out if the benefits outweigh the challenges in your particular case.