How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Moreno Valley

Choosing a good car accident lawyer is like choosing any other product or service. The best thing to do is to undertake some research in order to make an informed decision. 


A good car accident lawyer must have extensive experience in car accident cases in order to represent you successfully. 

There are several steps you should follow when choosing a car accident lawyer in Moreno Valley. We have put together a list of  the essential steps to take help you find and determine the best accident lawyer in Moreno Valley.

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Conduct a Background Check

Before deciding which lawyer is best for, you should always find out how much experience they have. Contact the Moreno Valley disciplinary agency to confirm whether the car accident attorney is an outstanding member of the bar.

In case the attorney has been involved in any disciplinary issue, you will be notified. Look for references from previous clients and check that the reviews are positive.


 Avoid any car accident layers who appear to have no experience in this area.

Conduct an Interview and Ask for Proof

One of the best ways to assess the legal ability of a car accident lawyer in Moreno Valley is to interview the candidate. Book an appointment and when you meet for the interview, have a list of questions prepared.

Ask about the experience the lawyer has in car accident cases including the years of experience, track record, certifications, and charges. A good lawyer will have the answers you need and will show you evidence of certification.

If you are comfortable with the confidence, rates, and experience of the lawyer, you could choose to move forward with them.

Asking Other Attorneys

Attorneys can sometimes provide information about other lawyers that you won’t find online.

Look for a person who knows the car accident injury field and ask for information about the lawyer’s demeanor, practice habits, and reputation. Ask two to three people to ensure clarity and consistency.

Take a Tour of the Lawyers Office

Consider visiting the lawyer’s office to gather valuable information about them. Request a tour around the office and meet the support staff.

This will help you find out whether they are the right law firm for you, and make your decision a little easier.

Top Lawyers in Moreno Valley

Scott J Corwin

Scott J Corwin is a professional car accident lawyer serving in Moreno Valley. His firm also deals with personal injury caused by car accidents in San Bernardino and Riverside area.

Mauro Fiore, Jr.

Mauro Fiore Jr. provides one of the best car accident case representation to clients. He has extensive skills in the law sector and has helped win many cases in Moreno Valley.

Jamison Empting Cronin, LLP

This firm provides experienced lawyers in Moreno Valley who specialize in car accident claims. They have been advocating people for over ten years and offer a wide range of services including personal injury, family law, and business law.

Ellis Firm APLC         

This firm has some of the best lawyers to represent your case and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Erick Hershler

Erik Hershler is a devoted car accident lawyer with over 35 years of experience. He has recovered over $100 million on behalf of his clients and offers a no win, no fee service.

The Bottom Line

If you are in Moreno Valley and find yourself in a car accident where the other person is at fault, look around for the best attorneys and services. You are almost guaranteed to receive compensation when you make the right choice.