Discover These Natural Spring Pools Around the World

Nature is a lot more mesmerizing when it lets us embrace the serenity along with filling our hearts with joy. Hot spring pools are one such way of having the best time, and making our soul feel soothed, and escaping from the normal hassles of life.


Hot spring pools offer plentiful therapeutic benefits. From boosting the blood circulation of the body to helping one feel stress-free, they comprise the power to heal and fascinate the living being.

Other than a natural phenomenon, hot spring pools with amazing sights are the best place to have a day-out with your loved ones. So, if you are a big-time wanderer, then read on for 5 natural spring pools around the world.


Discover These Natural Spring Pools Around the World

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most popular springs in the world with a view no less than heaven. Surroundings spilled over with blue color and water that flutters between 98 to 102 degree Fahrenheit makes it one of the picturesque places to have a whale of a time.


Be it any season of the month, you can have a dip in the water to refresh your mind and body. This is because minerals present in the water help to boost your skin health and eliminate toxins from the body. All you need to make a booking in advance and a little enthusiasm to enjoy nature.

Pamukkale Thermal Pool, Turkey

If experiencing heaven on the Earth is one of your bucket-list wishes, then Pamukkale thermal pool in Turkey is picture-perfect. Located in Pamukkale, the Cotton Castle town, this spring is not merely a place to wander, but also to cherish the beauty of history and culture. 

It was formed over several centuries, the top of which lies the memorial of the Roman city of Hierapolis. The water temperature of the pool ranges from 95 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is tenfold during the off-season, that is November and March when the air starts to chill.

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

Located in Minakami city, Takaragawa is the magical spring pool to blow away the cobwebs. Other than the majestic view, it offers bounteous healing benefits and can let you embrace the serenity of nature with the surroundings mix of forest and mountains. 

You can dip into the hot water, or you can ski with full swing on visiting this wondrous hot water spring in Japan. To a little more surprise, you can double your blissfulness by enjoying the grilled fish and delicious pickles served in the nearby hotels. 

So, don’t miss the chance to live in the moments of serenity at the place where you can bathe, sleep, and eat like there is no tomorrow.

Khir Ganga, India

If in your life, you haven’t been to a place where you can get rid of pain and aches along with making your heart feel delighted, make a plan to visit Khir Ganga in India. 

It’s one of the heavenly hot water springs located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and has been in the lives of people for centuries. 

Even though it takes four hours to hike up to this place, once reached, you can make yourselves feel like you are hugging nature. Besides, the healing power of water is worth your endeavors as it soothes your muscle and foot ache in no time. 

Chena Hot Spring, Alaska

Discover These Natural Spring Pools Around the World

The place where one can experience the soaking pleasure in life with a full heart is Chena Hot Spring in Alaska. Considered as the ravishing handsel of nature, it is the amazing hot water spring with water hovering at 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best time to visit the destination is between August and April, where other than a dip in the water, you can relish the fun activities with your loved ones. 


Life is a one time opportunity and there is no chance that we can miss living it to the fullest. Therefore, take some time out of your hectic life and experience heaven on Earth by tripping to your favorite natural hot spring.