How to Cope with Couple Fights on the Road

Yes, couples fight all the time, and more often than not, couple fights are about petty things that usually get blown out of proportion. The truth is, spending over five hours with someone on the road can take a toll at a given point.


However, therapists say this is normal; in fact, you should get worried if you and your partner don’t fight from time to time. There are many things that spark couple fights, things like hunger, fatigue (more so if you have been on the road for too long), failing to come to a conclusive idea, having a bad day and you feel your partner is not putting in any effort to make you feel better, and so much more.

If you are not mature enough to put an end to your issues and talk them out, they might escalate, giving you the worst vacation experience. Here’s how to cope and avoid just that.

couple fights
Couple Fighting

It Varies

One thing about having fights on the road that you should consider is that they come in different forms compared to fights we usually have at home. Whereas you can distract yourself at home by doing some work, watching a movie, or taking a walk, on the road, there is no escape. You are stuck together for as long as the fight can last. The best way out is to talk to your partner and express how you feel and come to a conclusion.


I have seen couples use a “magic word” to calm situations. For instance, if you think your partner is just picking up fights for the sake of it or throwing harsh words at you, use that magic word, and it will help them snap out of it. This might sound silly, but it is a process that takes time to master. It will help you understand that you are going overboard with your “unnecessary” fights, thus solving the cycle.



Always be honest. Never be afraid to express how you feel during any fights. Mature couples will always listen to their partner’s point of view and take both criticisms positively. As they say, arguments are like a disease better prevented than cured. Even amid a heated fight, pause and tell your partner how you feel about the whole thing. If they care about you, they will put a stop to it.

For as long as you are together for a long time, fights are bound to happen. But, have you taken time off to find out what sets off your partner’s moods? Do you know what makes them happy? Do you know how much you should push them with your harsh words? Well, knowing your partner is the best way to put a stop to backlashes.

The Bottom Line

As couples, it is essential to travel together and spend time together bonding. Whereas this is an opportunity every couple should embrace, to others, it’s a pain, as they can’t stand each other form more than two hours without fighting. Whatever the case might be, always put to a stop to your fights before they escalate out of control. That is what maturity is all about, after all.