British Schoolgirl Dies After Suffering From Allergic Reaction To Ice Cream She Ate At Costa del Sol Hotel In Spain.

A nine-year old British schoolgirl died after eating ice cream at Costa del Sol hotel in Spain.


The youngster, who was enjoying a holiday vacation with her parents at a hotel in the municipality of Mijas, was allergic to nuts and milk. The incident happened on Friday, although reports indicate that she died on Monday afternoon at Malaga’s Materno Infantil Hospital.

The unnamed British schoolgirl was rushed to Costa del Sol Hospital first, which is near Marbella, before being transferred to the hospital in Malaga when her condition worsened.

British schoolgirl dies

An autopsy was done at Malaga’s Institute of Forensic Medicine yesterday morning and the results were sent to an investigating judge with heading a probe into this tragedy.

Further tests will be carried out at the Institute of Toxicology in Seville to confirm whether the cause of her death is linked to an allergic reaction to the ice cream she tasted.


The hotel where the incident happened has not been named and no one was available to comment officially.

News of this tragedy came out in at a time health chiefs confirmed they were probing the death of a woman who became seriously after eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the east coast Spanish city of Valencia.

The 46-year-old had a meal of mushrooms and rice to celebrate her husband’s birthday.

The owner of the hotel, Bernd Knoll, announced the closure of Riff, Michelin start until it becomes clear if the death was caused by the food she ate.