Work at Home Tips – Establishing a Morning Routine

If you work at home, one of the things you must be having trouble with is the right time to start working in the morning. Previously, when you had to get to work on time, you probably would wake up in a rush, grab some quick breakfast and get out the door without even thinking.


Now, when you wake up, you’ve nowhere to go, and you may just be tempted to linger in bed for a few more minutes. Then you get up and prepare yourself a hearty breakfast, and maybe decide to just spend some time with your kids before sitting down to work. Wrong! That is not how it should be done. 

If you start your day on a lazy note, chances are that you will end up wasting it, instead of getting some work done. It is vital to have an established morning routine each day that you are working from home, and even come up with daily tasks that must be accomplished.

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The key to having a successful day is starting it right. In this review, we tell you how you can accomplish a successful work day, even while you are working from home.

Start By Waking Up at the Same Time Each Day

Set your alarm at the same time each day, just like before, even if you are not going into work. It is so tempting to sleep a little longer and just relax in your bed like you never have, but this will be tantamount to your development.


Of course you can treat yourself every now and then, but make this an odd occurrence, rather than a daily one. If you are extremely disciplined, you can enjoy working at home as well as having your relaxing time. 

Do Not Go Online First Thing

You must learn to set some boundaries in your work and your personal life. Don’t go logging into your social media pages first thing in the morning. This is because it can really waste those precious morning hours when your head is fresh and your mind is ready for work.

This should be reserved for later on, when you need to take a break, after you have already given your work some good amount of time.

Exercise is Important

Yes. This is not new. Sitting down all day long can make you a couch potato, and it is very important to ensure that this doesn’t happen by moving and getting your endorphins up. Take a walk, go to the gym, do yoga, sign up for a morning exercise class or anything else you can figure out how to move. 

Shower and Really Get Dressed

It is so tempting to work in your pajamas because it’s comfy and no one is going to see. But, No! This is an absolute no-no, as it will make you feel extremely lazy.

Getting up, taking a shower and getting dressed makes you feel refreshed and ready for the day. It has actually been tested that getting yourself ready in the morning helps you improve performance throughout the day.

Have Your Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it sure is. Grab your coffee, or whatever it is you like in the morning to get you up and keep you well-hydrated for the day. This will give you the kick start you need.

Have a Set of Goals

You should ensure that you have some goals set for the day. These are the tasks you must complete before getting back to bed. 

Having goals ensures that each day you are working towards something, rather than just sitting on your laptop and not achieving much. Go through your daily to-do list and set goals that will be easy to meet and realistic.

Think about what you want to achieve in a week, or a month, and set them in advance, then simply go through the goals on a daily basis as you tick them off. You will be surprised to find that you achieved what you had set out to achieve at the start of the week.

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As much as we love working from home, you must admit that it does come with some challenges, such as distractions of family life. Following our tips above will get you where you want to go, even if you are working from home. And you can enjoy some fun stuff as long as you schedule it into your day.