Co-Operative Bank Credit Card – How to Apply?

In need of a credit card you can use to transfer debt and balances with a low-interest rate and minimum charge? With the Co-Operative Bank Credit Card, this (and a lot more) is possible.


Take advantage of the 0% interest rate per annum for 24 months on balance transfers and have the freedom to transfer 95% of your credit limit. The list of rewards is endless, and you get more than what you may expect.

Want to know more about the featues, benefits, fees and eligibility for this Co-Operative Bank card? Keeping reading as we get you familiar with the card and how to apply.


Want a credit card that provides low-interest rate and minimum charges but still earn reward points? Co-Operative Bank Credit Card is your best option. Here's how to apply.

Co-Operative Bank Credit Card Features & Benefits

Co-Operative Bank offers different credit cards for individuals with distinct needs. Read on to better understand the features that come with the Co-Operative Bank Balance Transfer Credit Card.


Being a balance transfer card, you have the freedom to move all your balances and debt from another bank without facing massive charges and interest rates. The best thing about this credit card is you can enjoy absolutely ZERO interest per annum, for 24 months. Transfer the balances within the 60 days of opening this account to enjoy ZERO charges.

Another reason to get the Co-Operative Bank Balance Transfer Credit Card is the contactless feature, which lets you pay for everything in a single tap. No need to sign or enter your pin whenever you pay in retail stores, restaurants and other establishments. Simply find the contactless sign and use your card to tap and go.

To get ahead of your bills and manage your account easily, sign up for SMS or online banking. With this, it’s so easy to check how much is left of your limit and when’s the best time to transfer the balances.

This credit card also comes in the Visa network, which offers worldwide acceptance. Enjoy limitless shopping and earn reward points every time you swipe your card.

Co-Operative Bank Credit Card Application

To apply for this credit card, you can either visit a branch near you or simply apply online via the Co-Operative Bank website.

To apply for the Co-Operative Bank Balance Transfer Credit Card you must be 18 to 60 years old and a resident of the UK. You must also have a minimum Gross Annual Income of £10,000 and have an existing Co-Operative Bank account for at least 7 months.

Note that Cashminder, Student and Pathfinder accounts are NOT eligible as a Co-Operative Bank account.

The credit limit is set by the bank, depending on your financial status and ability to pay. The minimum amount is £500 up to £4,000 or more.

Co-Operative Bank Credit Card Interest and Charges

  • Annual Fee: £0
  • Purchase APR: 0% interest per annum for 4 months on purchases, 20.6% thereafter
  • Balance Transfer APR: 0% interest per annum for 24 months on balance transfers, 20.6% thereafter
  • Balance Transfer Fee: 1%
  • Cash Advance Fee: £10
  • Late Payment Fee: £10

Co-operative Bank Address & Contact

1 Balloon Street
United Kingdom
Contact: +44(0)345 600 6000


Compared to other cards with high-interest rates and balance transfer charges, the Co-Operative Bank Credit Card comes with minimal fees and plenty of flexibility. If you’re looking for credit card to transfer your balance, the Co-Operative Bank Balance Transfer Credit Card is a smart choice. Apply now to avail of low interest rates for up to 24 months.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.