Guide to London During the Holidays

If you are looking for a guide to London during the holidays, look no further. London is the capital and largest city in England. It has the largest Municipal population of the European Union, standing on River Thames in the southeast of England. London is considered one of the most important global cities in the world.


Also, it has been called the most desirable, most influential, most visited, most investment-friendly, most expensive, and most entertaining city of the world, among others. It is one of the biggest financial centers with a metropolitan area GDP ranked in either the fifth or sixth position.

Besides, it is the top investment destination, hosting a vast number of international retailers and high-net-worth individuals, considering its busiest city airport and international arrivals. In 2012, it became the only city that has hosted three modern Summer Olympic Games. For anyone planning to visit London, look out for the following in our guide to London if you want a fun-packed holiday and to enjoy London to its fullest!

guide to London
Ferris-wheel is a must-visit for every traveler.

London Heritage Sites

You cannot afford to miss London’s heritage sites in case you are planning to visit. Look out for the Tower of London and Kew Gardens, which contains Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster, and the historic Greenwich settlement. It is at this point that you’ll find the Royal Observatory, Greenwich defines the 0° longitude, Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time.

Other sites include Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the prestigious London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Shard, and the Tower Bridge. London also has several galleries, libraries, museums, and sporting events. They include the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, the West End Theatres, and the British Library, which all have a wealth of information regarding London’s history and heritage.


90-Minute Open Top Bus Tour

You cannot afford to Miss London night views aboard an open bus all in 90 minutes. Have fun as you enjoy the breathtaking city of London lit up against the night sky. All this is achieved atop an open bus with an informative guided tour. On this tour, you’ll be able to see Harrods, the London Eye, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square, among others. 

Appreciate the grand architecture and vibrant atmosphere, and marvel at London city come alive under a lit sky. Marvel at the Tower of London and Tower Bridge standing tall amongst the skyline, and feel the pleasure as you move past the enormous Big Ben. The fountains of Trafalgar Square ooze with joy from the light that comes from within them, and the neon screens of Piccadilly Circus dazzle and thrill.

As you pass Harrods, the beautiful lights are reminiscent of Christmas, even in summer. Your cool and friendly guide tour will provide historical information as you pass St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, and they’ll disclose the fun stories about the city. This is a delightful and informative tour appropriate for families and groups of friends.

Tour Cruises

Given its water bodies like the River Thames, London has several sightseeing cruises, such as the River Thames Hop-off- Hop-on Cruise that gives you the beautiful view of London on a leisurely cruise of the River Thames banks.

The River Red Rover ticket allows one to hop on and off for 24 hours at the primary destination piers like Westminster, Greenwich, London Eye, and Tower. Don’t forget to enjoy light refreshments available at the on-board bar. Another inevitable cruise is the Westminster Pier to Tower of London Hop-on-Hop-Off Cruise, which also allows a breathtaking view of London along the River Thames banks.


This is a city that has a slot for everyone. Are you visiting for business, vacation, education, or as a tourist? You cannot afford to miss any of the heritage centers; the sight-seeing boat cruises are a force to reckon with. The night open bus tour also is a must-try. There are endless opportunities here; now go have fun. We hope this guide to London has helped you.