The Ultimate Guide To Cheap Jet2 Flights From The UK

If you are itching to go on a holiday soon, booking cheap Jet2 flights from the UK is certainly something you can do.


Whether you are looking to travel within the country or wanting to splurge on tickets out of the UK, Jet2 is guaranteed to give you bang for your buck deals.

Read on to know more about the airline and how you can find a great deal on cheap fares with them today.


Where does Jet2 fly from in the UK?

Jet2 offers tons of flights from the UK. You can fly from:

  • Belfast
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Many more locations

Jet2 flies to various cities, including cities within the United States, Nice, and other fascinating locations around the globe.


What are the cheapest months to fly with Jet2?

Summer vacations and months where there are big holidays coming up may be pricier compared to other dates. With this in mind, travelling during the low season can give you leeway, allowing you to find more affordable prices.

For example, if you are planning to enjoy a holiday to Rome in April, you can fly from Glasgow International Airport. A one-way flight costs about £43, while a return ticket costs roughly the same.

Looking to splurge for out of the country flights? Get ready to book the  cheap Jet2 flights from the UK for your vacation.

Where to Find Cheap Jet2 Flights

Scouring the web for the best deals can be tiring, especially when you have to visit various websites. Sites such as Skyscanner and CheapOair might constantly pop up on your feed; however, checking the Jet2 website for special deals is ideal, because they commonly already include taxes and other fees that comparison sites don’t add until the end of the buying process.

Example Jet2 Flight Deals

Some of the best Jet2 flight deals you may come across are ones that involve booking from Glasgow to Rome in April. On Skyscanner, roundtrip bookings from April 15 to April 26 can cost up to around £151, while CheapOair offers the same route for up to £147.

However, by booking direct with Jet2, you can score these flights for as low as £43 from Glasgow to Rome, and only £72 for the return flight.

Another deal you can get your hands on is 10% off Jet2 flights in summer and winter of 2019.

Jet2 Ticket Fees

All ticket fees from Jet2 already include the base fare, taxes, and other relevant charges. However, this excludes checked baggage, seat selections, and meals. All these other exclusions can be availed for an extra fee.

Visit the Jet2 website for more details on these fees.

Jet2 Rewards Program

Jet2 has a rewards program called the myJet2 Rewards Club. Here, you can get exclusive discounts, rewards, and notifications. You can use promo codes when booking flights, giving you extra savings when you travel abroad.

You can also get in on the latest deals, have access to travel insurance, car rentals, and more.

Jet2 Flight Booking Tips

Booking with Jet2 can give you access to some of the best flight deals in the country. To help find the cheapest fares, booking ahead of time is certainly one tip you should not forget.

More importantly, checking the airline’s website from time to time is imperative when you wish to come across these affordable deals.

Head over to the Jet2 website now, and you might be lucky enough to score cheap Jet2 flights out of the UK today.