5 Best Italy Cruises with Amazing Early-Bird Discounts

Italy is best known for its numerous historic landmarks, its magnificent coastline, and its unparalleled food and beverage pairings. Many people come from all parts of the world to celebrate a once in a lifetime event in this very country. What better way to see this beautiful side of the world than by riding on a luxurious cruise?


If you are thinking of taking the leap, take a look at these five best Italy cruises with amazing early-bird discounts. You might end up purchasing one that’s suited to your style and budget.

5 Best Italy Cruises with Amazing Early-Bird Discounts

Teeming River Cruises – The Po River and Venetian Lagoon

Are you a fan of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that you can see 8 magical cities come alive right before your very eyes. Starting from $1,399, you can enjoy a 7-day cruise starting from Mantua. This already includes accommodations, complimentary guides in all ports, all meals and snacks, as well as transportation aboard the MS Michelangelo.


The price of this tour includes all taxes and port charges. If you book online for a Po River and Venetian Lagoon cruise that departs September 27, 2020, you can save $56. To get this early bird discount, you only need to deposit $99.

Cruise Direct – 3 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise

For as low as $154 per night, you can bask in the delights of the 3-night Western Mediterranean Cruise of your dreams. You can see some of the great Mediterranean sights, with this ship stopping at ports in Barcelona, Marseille, and Genova. This package already includes free in-room continental breakfast and access to different drink packages. With accommodations at the Costa Magica, you’ll have a grand time on board. The cruise features a variety of amenities – from lounges, shops, and pools to a theater and even a kid’s club.


To avail the early-bird discount, make sure to book as early as 3 days prior to your intended date. Afterwards, you will receive a 10% coupon you can use for shore excursions.

Expedia – 7 Night Europe Cruise by Royal Caribbean International

With prices starting at $1,160 per person, you can ride on the 7 Night Europe Cruise by Royal Caribbean. Here, you will depart from Barcelona, Spain, then head across to France, then to Italy, then back to Barcelona. This package includes room and on board meals throughout your stay.

Individuals who will book this offer between June 5, 2019 and June 9, 2019 will save $300 as part of their early-bird offering. Individuals may also be entitled to up to $1,000 in on board credit.

Tours of Italy – Best of Italy and Greece with 4-Day Aegean Cruise

For as low as $4,137, you can get accommodations and full-board meals on this trip from Italy to Greece. Apart from 13 buffet breakfasts, 9 dinners, and 4 lunches, you will also gain access to some of the most exclusive hotels of the cities with this Best of Italy and Greece cruise.

To avail the early bird discount, make sure to book by June 15 so you can save up to 10% in discounts.

5 Best Italy Cruises with Amazing Early-Bird Discounts

Carnival – Europe from Barcelona, Spain

With prices starting at $729 per person, you can enjoy 9 nights in Europe and see wonderful sights, not just in Italy, but also in other parts of Europe. Carnival‘s Europe from Barcelona, Spain cruise lets you enjoy its accommodation and free meals on board, such as a sea day brunch and more.

You can avail up to 25% off cruises and get free upgrades when you book by June 7. You can also get extra on board credit and save up to 20% on cruises when you book by June 11.

Take note of these good deals, and you might just find one that fits your budget. But hurry, don’t let these early bird discounts fly away! You could be enjoying one of the top five best Italy cruises on the market!