Overcoming The Downsides Of Remote Jobs

Freedom and flexibility are two things that make remote jobs so appealing. Traveling is just the icing on the cake. Before you quit your day job, make sure you are prepared for all the ups and downs of working remotely. If you’re currently working from home, this article is just what you need to slowly remove that negative feeling of being an online freelancer.


Avoiding the Most Common Traps of Remote Work

Overcoming The Downsides Of Remote Jobs

While there is no doubt that many people work better in the environment of their choice rather than in an office, there are several issues with remote jobs and becoming location-independent that seem to be clouding all the freedom and flexibility it brings. Luckily, these issues can be overcome.

The Loneliness

Working close to nature is calming and make you feel more present

Once you leave the office, you are on your own. That is when you start feeling isolated and lonely which make you less productive.


To avoid the feeling of being lonely, schedule weekly conference calls with your co-workers and use your location freedom to work at places surrounded by people. It can be a coffee shop or somewhere near the beach. There are many conceptual places where remote workers go not just to work but to mingle as well.

remote jobs are allowing you to form different kind of office
Talk to people. Share your remote job experience

When choosing a place to work, make sure you get enough peace and quiet. Of course, a good WiFi is a must. The freedom of remote jobs allows you to explore and have an office anywhere you like.


The Procrastination

Do the hardest task first, so the remaining working hours seem more interesting

All that flexibility that remote jobs offer can have side effects. You fall into the trap of procrastination; delaying tasks while spending time doing absolutely nothing. You probably did it before, especially on college, and you will do it again because procrastination is one of those bad habits we never fully get rid of. Because we all do it, here is StoryV’s list on how to stop this habit.

The Quilt

remote jobs are on the rise and soon they are going to become the new norm
Don’t allow the quilt to ruin your freedom and the chance to work anywhere

Remote workers often do more than they are asked to. It is not about proving themselves, it has more to do with guilt.

Since we, as a society, still have troubles accepting that those who work from home can be as productive as those who work in an office, location independent workers feel like they aren’t doing their job right.

Overworking or always thinking about your work only makes things worse, so just accept that you’re in a different position than your friends. Learn to be grateful and cherish what you made for yourself. Celebrate little work-related victories and make plans to fulfill the rest of your day.

The Lack of Stability

Communicate. Ask for feedback and remember that you are doing your best

When you are talking to your boss, face to face, every other day, you get a connection with that person and you learn to read them. It is not something people do intentionally because we learn to “read” authority figures in kindergarten. But now, when you are alone with your PC and you only talk to your manager via email, you might feel more scared about the future.

What you need to do is ask for feedback, every once in a while. Don’t do it too often or get too personal, but it is only human to ask if your manager has any requests or further ideas on what’s to come.

While focusing on the present and current project are always imperative, taking initiative and sharing ideas for the future might help you feel like your place is more secure. Remember that there are no guarantees and that remote jobs are on the rise. So take comfort in that and just do your job.

With all the upsides, the downsides seem reasonable and easy to manage once you recognize them

Remote jobs are just like any other job. Focus on the good and enjoy the life you created.