Learn How to Reduce External Stressors During the Holidays

Several different things could raise our stress levels and affect us negatively, especially for people who suffer from social anxiety. People suffering from this condition like to be in their comfort zone to be able to communicate with you and discuss what is wrong. 


Anxiety, in general, is incredibly common in the times we live in, and it mostly comes as a consequence of external stressors being ever so present. These aren’t only related to professional issues that you may come across but also private issues that come as a consequence of not being able to communicate with your friends or family members.

The idea of this article is to discuss possible external stressors, common stressful situations, and effective methods of dealing with these. Let’s get started!

Learn How to Reduce External Stressors During the Holidays
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What Are External Stressors?

External stressors refer to several different factors that are quite hard to control. External factors, for instance, could come from a workload that might be too much. 

You might get plagued by not having enough resources. You could also be struggling to think about how you can manage your life and find a delicate balance between your work and your relationships. 


Several external stressors affect us personally that need to be factored into the mental health equation. Perfect examples are health issues, problems related to finances, and family drama, which commonly affects people who suffer from social anxiety, especially during the holidays. 

The frequent occurrence of these is one of the main reasons why it is vital to discuss methods of coping with stress.

Method #1: Facing Your Fears

Typically, when someone is afraid of something, it has a lot to do with the stress level the person is feeling. To reduce anxiety and take control of what is happening, you need to settle down and examine each of your stressors.

It would help if you also thought of the worst thing that could happen. When you realize that the worst outcome hasn’t happened and that things could be worse, you end up learning ways to look at your situation in a much better light.

Method #2: Communicate Your Issues

It could be your family, a friend, or a relative you are close with – regardless, find someone to talk to. They will be glad to help, and for you, it can be vitally important to have someone who is willing to listen and that will give you a worthy piece of advice. 

Many people tend to avoid talking with their family and friends about the little things that are stressing them. 

Instead, they feel it would be better if they keep their struggles inside. Trust me, that never works. If you talked to someone that gets and understands you, you won’t feel alone, and before you know it, you are on the right path to handling your social anxiety issues

Method #3: Getting Professional Therapy

You should only do this if you are comfortable with getting things handled professionally. This way, these stressful thoughts find proper routes to get out of your system. The professional can give you appropriate advice that will help you manage your situation better and reduce your feelings of loneliness. 

By taking control of your stressors and communicating what you are feeling, your social anxiety will be minimized.  You will be freer and more comfortable conversing with people. 

The fear, stress, and anxiety you feel every time you are around a lot of people during the holidays will become a thing of the past. 

Quick Tips

Maintain your normal exercise, eating, and sleeping schedule. Do not overindulge, especially in alcohol – this will only add to feelings of overwhelm.

Have breaks from the group setting. Spend some time by yourself or with your partner and/or kids without the rest of the family. Enjoy a short walk, a board game, or a movie together.

Learn How to Reduce External Stressors During the Holidays
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We understand that there may be a lot going in your life, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, that is the main reason why you should try talking to someone, facing your fears, or even getting professional. These are all effective methods for handling stress

Before you know it, social anxiety during the holidays will be a thing of the past. Try these out for a better sense of well-being.