The Beginner’s Guide To Natural Living

Natural living is about getting back to the basics of life and that is one definition no one can argue with. It is a lifestyle with one goal in mind: healing the Earth while having the best of nature.


Simple Tips for Creating a Natural Lifestyle

The Beginner's Guide To Natural Living

Natural living is focused on reducing chemicals and toxins from our bodies as well as from our environment. It sounds like a big lifestyle change, but it is actually quite simple while the impact is much bigger. It is more than connecting with nature; it is about connecting with people and sharing tips and tricks in order to live healthier and educating each other on ways to implement sustainable living in our homes.

Principles of Natural Living

Natural living insists on being conscious of our environment

The basic principle of natural living is using and eating all that you can find in nature. No one expects you to turn your back on everything, but cutting back on plastic bags and food containers is a start. Turning to non-toxic makeup and beauty brands is another small step. This will not change your daily routine, but it will make an impact on your health as well as on the planet.


Natural Living at Your Home

One easy but powerful way to minimize your toxic exposure is to eat food that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides

Do you know what you eat? We all know that foods are full of chemicals and toxins that are poisoning us, so the obvious question is: What is it that we eat and can we change it?

Ideally, we would grow vegetables and fruits in our gardens, but since that is so unlikely, we must turn into food detectives; gathering information and using them to find the best organic and toxin-free foods. Low-processed foods are not only healthier but also taste better.

Make mini garden at your apartment

The most dangerous things at home are the same products we use to keep it clean, which is clearly ironic. Use baking soda, essential oils, and citric acid to make your own cleaning products. Not only will these keep your living space spotlessly clean, but also purify the air in your home.

Natural Living and the Environment

Natural lifestyle is reconnecting with nature, people and animals

Spending time in the woods, by the river, or going hiking, are some ways to connect with nature. These are also reminders that we are just visitors, guests and we should act like it.

One household cannot stop pollution or global warming.  No one can even say how much damage has been done so far. But we can take these issues more seriously. Natural living is eco-friendly and there are small changes you can start today: don’t use your car unless it is necessary, switch to natural deodorants, recycle not just garbage but clothes and house items as well.

The Labels

Learn where to shop for clothes, food, beauty products and check the labels

Since every aspect of our lives is focused on being more mindful and more in touch with nature, it is important to learn where to shop and read labels.

You can see that even big fashion companies are taking matters seriously. Many stores now use recycled materials to create new pieces. Shop at farmers’ markets or make sure to buy 100% organic foods, even for your pets.

Use EWG’s Food Scores database for research and information on nutrition, ingredients and processing concerns.

Getting in Touch with Nature

Natural living is going to make you calmer and healthier

We must admit that there are many selfish reasons to go back to nature. Being grateful, being present, stepping out of the hectic lifestyles, it’s all beneficial for the mind. Spending time on fresh air and among green leaves has a calming effect. It helps alleviate anxiety, depression, stress and anger. And when we experience a day fulfilled with happiness and relaxation, we have to wonder if we are doing anything to preserve all that beauty or if we are the ones responsible for all the bad things that have been happening to it.

With that in mind, start making changes right now. Buy fresh fruit instead of frozen, take a bicycle to work instead of cars, and add some plants to your living space.