See the Most Famous Challenges of TikTok

TikTok is an app and platform that has become one of the largest online platforms. Following in the footsteps of apps like Vine and (which actually became TikTok), it focuses on short, snappy videos for entertainment.


As a platform frequented by thousands every day, TikTok thrives off trends and hashtags to stay afloat. What was popular yesterday could be boring and forgotten tomorrow because some new trend came out of nowhere overnight.

That being said, some trends and challenges are simply too famous to let go of. Here are some of TikTok’s most famous challenges.


See the Most Famous Challenges of TikTok

Level-Up Challenges

With the ‘Toilet Paper Pandemic’ of early 2020, one trend managed to spawn from this unfortunate event: The ‘Level-Up Challenge’. With all that spare toilet paper lying around, what else is there to do other than stack it in a fun game?


To play, you simply lay a row of rolls down and step over them. Level one complete, quick, and easy.

Now, add another layer, and another layer, and another, until you’ve built up a small wall of toilet paper. Throw on some music in the background and test your agility as you jump over the toilet paper!

Flip the Switch Challenge

Another oldie but goodie challenge is performed to Quavo’s ‘Flip the Switch’. Standing in front of the mirror with your significant other or best friend while striking a pose or lightly bobbing on the spot, all it takes is to record yourself alongside them. Then, flip the light switch.

As soon as the lights go off, switch places and clothes with your partner, flip the light back on, and with some editing magic, BOOM. 

Both you and your partner have ‘flipped the switch’ and swapped outfits and places instantly. This is a rather simple challenge, but it’s also quite fun and humorous.

Wipe It Down Challenge

Want an excuse to look your best while at home alone? This might be the challenge for you to show off your glow up.

Another quick and simple challenge, all it requires is, once again, a mirror, your phone, a rag or sponge, and a squirt bottle. Record yourself in your everyday clothes, or even pajamas, spraying and wiping down the mirror.

Cut the video there, change it into your better outfit, and start recording yourself wiping the screen down again. With some editing magic, you can edit the two together and make your glow up appear mid-wipe in one smooth transition.

Blinding Lights Challenge

If you think you’re up for a perfectly synced dance challenge, perhaps the ‘Blinding Lights’ challenge is something you can give a go. Performed to the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd, you and some friends perform a choreographed dance wherever you see fit.

A well-choreographed dance always looks good, and you can do this basically anywhere. Gather some friends, head to a car park or the beach, and record yourself. You will join the ranks of celebrities like Jessica Alba, who took an interest in the challenge, too.

Dance Challenges

See the Most Famous Challenges of TikTok

One of the main features of TikTok is the expansive music library that you can select songs from to include in your videos. It stands to reason that there would be plenty of different dance challenges to include alongside these songs.

There is one specific TikTok challenge that tests your knowledge as a TikToker by switching to different songs used in TikTok Dance challenges. The participants have to quickly switch to the corresponding dance, testing their memory and dance skills.


These are some of the more popular TikTok challenges. Music plays a significant role in the types of challenges you do, with dance challenges making up the bulk of content you encounter when you are going through the app.

That being said, the ‘Wipe it Down’ and ‘Level-Up’ challenges are examples of challenges that don’t require you to be dance masters. Just throw on some tunes in the background and have fun!