Unplug and Sail Away: How Can Sailing Improve Your Career?

Sailing for me started as a passive activity. I was always sort of the outdoors type, although I was more into gym-oriented fitness, and basically a group of friends who were already sailing enthusiasts took me on my first couple of trips.


It didn’t take too long for me to fall in love with sailing, which has now become more than just a hobby. Sailing has taken me on amazing journeys and introduced me to new places, cultures and new friends.

Sailing has numerous benefits that actually come in handy for your career. Apart from its ability to keep you fit and remove stress, you get to increase your knowledge, thanks to interaction with different kinds of people.


Regardless of what your day job may be, sailing can literally inspire you to work more efficiently and improve your career.

Unplug and Sail Away: How Can Sailing Improve Your Career?

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Regardless of what your day job may be, sailing can literally inspire you to work more efficiently and improve your career. Here's how...Basics of Sailing

Proper preparation for a sailing trip can guarantee a safe and fun experience. Pack only the necessary items such as food, bright clothes, a flashlight, floater, first aid kit and communication gadgets.


Keeping light weight in water ensures that your boat, yacht or other vessel is stable. Don’t overpack – sailboats have limited space!

Waterproof and warm clothing are a must have because it can get very cold out there.

Compared to your career, preparation for sailing is akin to preparation for manual work where you have to gather the right tools of trade and permits before embarking on a task.

If you are going to spend long durations sailing, carry enough sunscreen. On the other hand know that nights in the sea are usually very cold. Therefore, have extra clothing and warm blankets.

Generally, carry as much supplies as you need without over-packing.

Learn the art of sailing before setting off.

It is wise to know how to control the sails in relation to the direction of the wind. Learn as an apprentice by observing a professional.

Let everyone aboard your water craft understand basic sailing approaches and safety measures.

Learn the basics of sailing | How can sailing improve your career?Pastime for Everybody

There is perhaps no other pastime that is better suited for the entire family than sailing. You shouldn’t be surprised to see kids sailing alongside their parents and grandparents.

Friends and family can rest assured of a great bonding time when they sail together.

Moreover, you feel more secure when you are in a group than when sailing alone. This is especially true if you are a beginner.

Health Benefits of Sailing

As the strong wind blows across the waters, it rocks the watercraft back and forth. You need to control the helm meticulously. This calls for physical fitness.

Within time, you will develop significant muscle strength and endurance.

Your connection to nature relieves stress. Therefore, take occasional days off from your work and head out to sea.

When you resume work, you are more productive because of the relaxation and other mental benefits that come with sailing.

The fact that you perform many tasks when sailing is healthy for your hand-mind coordination…

For example, you observe the direction of the wind while communicating with colleagues and ensuring the safety of other members all at the same time.

The extreme weather you face when sailing is similar to the pressures of the workplace.

Dealing with bad weather prepares you for the challenges of your work. Here, you need to make quick decisions, keep a cool head and consider the needs or safety of colleagues.

Health benefits of sailing | How can sailing improve your career?Use of Safety Gear

Careers that involve operating machinery often subject workers to danger.

It’s incredibly important to be trained and know emergency procedures, because even the proper use of safety gear could save a person’s life.

When you are used to using your first aid kit and safety apparel when sailing, you will not forget to do so when working.

Wearing things like helmets, gloves, safety goggles, gumboots and facemasks will become part of your daily routine.

You are more productive when you use safety gear at work, because these items give you increased confidence.

More importantly you avoid injuries than not only cause you to stay away from work, but also lead you to raking huge bills in hospital.

Team Building

As mentioned earlier, sailing is best enjoyed with friends or colleagues. Workmates can capitalize on the pastime to bond, conduct team building sessions and have fun together.

Just the way each person in the workplace has an outlined role, teams sailing together assign different roles to different participants.

Different people should take turns controlling the sails. While some people check the wind direction, others are on the lookout for danger or obstacles.

The cooperation and participation of each member increases the efficiency of the entire group.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn certain attributes about colleagues that you did not know. When your group goes back to work, you are more productive because you understand each other well.

Sailing highlights people’s hidden strengths and weaknesses because it often exposes participants to risks.

The way colleagues react to a capsizing boat tells you how they will react to a turbulent situation at the workplace.

How can sailing improve your career?

The Pro is Like a Manager

When sailing in a group, ensure that at least one of the people on board is good at controlling the boat. Otherwise, you should definitely seek help from a professional sailor with vast experience.

He or she should know the tips of moving the watercraft as well as tricks for maintaining safety for all.

The professional acts like a manager or team leader at your workplace.

He may assign duties to individuals and oversee the functions of the team. Such duties may range from cooking and keeping security to reading the weather and treating ill colleagues.

The other advantage of sailing as a group is that people complement each other.

Strengths and weaknesses in communication and management can be identified just as you can identify the strength or direction of currents in the sea.

sailor manager | How can sailing improve your career?Sounds Good? Get Ready to go Sailing!

Those are just some of the many benefits of sailing I’ve learned along the way, from being a newbie whose interest was sparked, to becoming obsessed with sailing.

Throughout my many voyages, I’ve met people from all walks of life, and those that I’ve stayed in contact with will often times share workplace anecdotes that are related to sailing in one way or another.

Trust me, this is one active hobby that can actually motivate and inspire you in the workplace.

Hey, we all share the same ideals of personal growth and happiness, and if you clearly define your career and life goals, sailing will definitely help you get there.

Over to you! Leave your answers below…

  • Have you thought about sailing to reduce stress, increase productivity and altogether improve your career?
  • Do you agree or disagree that sailing can improve your career?