Learn the Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice and How to Make It

Forget about that coffee in the morning and grab yourself some celery juice instead.  The health benefits of drinking celery juice are far reaching and range from helping you lose weight to keeping you fresh and hydrated. 


Check out health pages and groups on social media and you’ll see that celery juice has become a sweetheart in the community. It’s rich in many nutrients, and some studies have linked it to treating conditions like acne, thyroid issues, cancer, and other diseases.

If you have lots of celery in the backyard and are wondering what to do with it, I have good news for you, it’s super healthy, and you should get into the habit of juicing it. In this guide, we will discuss more benefits of drinking celery juice and how you can make celery juice at home.

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Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

In a nutshell, vegetables, fruits and herbs are your friends, and most if not all, come with a ton of health benefits. Now over to celery, it is loaded with substantial amounts of vitamin C and K, potassium, and folate. Moreover, studies have proved that celery can reduce inflammation, cure liver diseases, and so much more.

It Helps in Weight Loss

Celery has been linked to being one of the best remedies for weight loss. This is because it contains flavonoids, which can easily be found in plants. It only has a ½ grams of fiber, seven calories, and two carbohydrates per stalk which makes it the perfect combo for your weight loss plan. 


So, if celery itself can help reduce weight and fight disease, we can say the juicing is equally good.

It is Hydrating

Well, if we are to compare celery to drinking other unhealthy beverages like soda, alcohol, or any other sweetened beverages, celery wins hands down. We should always incorporate it together with other vegetables, whole-grain foods, healthy fats, and proteins. Never replace a healthy diet with just celery juice, rather include it in your meal plan. 

Since this juice mostly consists of water, it can help you keep hydrated for long and help you reach that daily goal of drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Staying hydrated will not help manage your brain function, but your body temperature, blood pressure, waste excretion, kidney health, and so much more.

It Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

Celery juice is rich in different plant compounds called phytonutrients, which is believed to reduce inflammation. These compounds help lower your oxidative stress, which comes about when free radicals (unstable molecules) multiply and attack the cells in your body. 

Such antioxidant-rich drinks and diets help reduce the risk of ailments like diabetes, heart diseases, certain cancers, obesity, acne, among others.

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How to Make Celery Juice?

If you want to make your own celery juice, it’s quite easy and straightforward. All you need is celery, a blender or juicer, some lemon, and a bit of water. Wash your celery clean, put it in your blender or juicer, add a little bit of water, and use any other ingredient you would like to use strain, and drink when it’s still fresh.

Bottom Line

With all the benefits that come with celery juice, this is the time to grab your celery stalks and start making yourself a glass full of goodness. Once you make it a habit to drink this juice, you will see the numerous health benefits that come along with it like clear skin and a slimmer frame.