Watch the Slow-Mo Video of the Apple Watch Water-Rejection System

Apple Watch is a high-quality watch that was announced in 2014. What makes this watch unique is the new features, which include being an intimate way to connect with others. You can send and receive messages with this device. Moreover, this watch allows you to have a health and fitness companion in your hands.


It is designed by experts and is available in different designs. The Apple Watch has a new feature, too; the water rejection system guarantees a long length of service. You can now watch the famed slow-mo video to understand this new feature and its benefits.

The company has been in the front line launching a new series of the Apple Watch, providing you with numerous choices and exquisite features. Here are the benefits of the Apple Watch and the water rejection feature, which will help decide if this feature is enough to convince you that this watch could benefit you.

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Apple Watch Series

Each generation of Apple Watches has different features, such as a touchable screen and changeable watch bands. These watches have swappable bands, cellular models, Siri integration, Apple Pay, music apps, podcasts, and health monitoring features.

When you have a heart problem, this watch will help you monitor heart rate from any part of the world. You can also use the device to track your movements. They have GPS and maps to aid you with direction information, too.


Over the years, the Apple Company has insisted on designing watches that make life easy for the users. You can now monitor your health and also benefit from the new water rejection system feature. The Apple Watch Series 2 and 5 have a water lock feature that prevents any water from affecting the watch.

So, you can now swim without worrying about water damaging the watch systems. The new water-lock control center option clears the water from the speakers after you have submerged the watch.

Water Rejection Feature

This new Apple Watch feature plays a vital role in allowing you to use your watch even while swimming. You can monitor your heart rate, set timers, or use it after removing all the water. This new water rejection feature makes this device more reliable and extends the lifespan of the technology, too.

The device has a miniaturized mechanism that propagates ant acoustic waves in the air. When you are swimming and water gets near the speaker diaphragm, the system does not work typically and will have a muffled output.

The Apple Watch, however, allows you to operate it in different conditions to prevent permanent damage. The new feature keeps out any water that might be trapped behind the speaker. This device is a viable solution for you to continue using your watch even when exposed to liquids or moisture.

This rejection process is straightforward, and all you need to do is watch a slow-mo video on YouTube to see how it works.

Slow-MO Water Rejection Video

The video describes how the Apple Watch has a series of tones that allow the speaker to run at relatively low frequencies. This tones, in turn, vibrate the speaker diaphragm, causing the water and other liquids in the watch to break free.

The liquids are then pushed out to the small speaker chamber, then out of the device entirely. This system is exquisite and practical, even when moving large quantities of water from your device. Previously, you would have spent a lot of money taking your watch to an expert to remove the water, in turn wasting a lot of money.

This new water rejection system is a dream come true, allowing you to have your watch on you all the time, despite the conditions. Apple is always creating solutions for different problems affecting the consumer. After realizing that people were struggling with soaked devices, they introduced this system.

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Watch the video on YouTube to understand what is expected of you to do when you go for a swim with your watch in lock mode. The water lock feature will help keep your device safe. The video is in slow motion so that you don’t miss any details.

You will enjoy seeing how the water is pushed out to the small speaker membrane. Use the digital crown feature to cause vibration, and in turn, the water is pushed out.

Bottom Line

The slow-mo video for the Apple Watch rejection system is on YouTube, where you will learn more about this new feature and its benefits. This video is an opportunity for you to understand the concept behind the new Apple Watch waterproof system that pushes all the water out of the device after going for a swim.