Discover These Blog Niches That Are Soaring During the Pandemic

Since people are quarantined, they have either been searching online for opportunities, home schooling, or working online. It is at this time that most video games have been developed, online commercial sites have been making tremendous profits. 


Apart from business, you got time to catch up and spend time with family. The only way to access the outside world was through internet and TV. It is at this time that a number of blogs were produced, because people had so much time on their hands. 

Blogs about video games, how to kill boredom, family bonding, mental health, and DIY blogs have been huge as of late. Keep reading to find out more about these blogs.

Discover These Blog Niches That Are Soaring During the Pandemic
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Blogs About Family Connections

During the pandemic, schools, workplaces and social gatherings were closed. Therefore parents and children had to be home together. This is a great time to bond as a family. 

Parents and children have been searching online for the newest ways to bond as a family. Many blogs will tell you how to spend quality time. Some people will write about fun activities to do together as a family. 


You will find blogs about movies you can watch as family, courses to take together, how to talk to your children, tips on choosing family traditions, etc. All these will help you create a strong family bond.

Mental Health Blogs

For some people, it is the first time they get to spend a lot of time at home doing nothing. Some people have known a busy lifestyle all their lives, therefore, learning how to just be at home without work can be mentally draining. 

For people that stay alone, being indoors for weeks and months with no one visiting can also take a toll on your mental health. Therefore, you are going to find a number of mental health blogs telling you how to spend your time, how to use technology to catch up with family and friends. 

You can use apps, like Zoom or Skype to see how your friends are doing. Also, it gives you an assurance that it’s not you alone – other people can feel the pinch of loneliness too.

DIY Blogs

Do-it-yourself blogs will teach you a number of things you can do on a budget. Moreover, you will use the materials you already have in your home or about to throw away. 

There are a number of DIY tutorials teaching you how to make different things, like crafts, decoration materials, phone covers, change the look of your home, paint a number of objects, etc. It is a fun way of passing time for both adults and children.

Video Games Blogs

A number of blogs have come up during the pandemic talking about different video games available. Developers have been working 24/7 to come up with a number of games for people to play. 

There are different genres of video games out there. For instance, sci-fi, adventure, shooting, racing, sports, etc. You will find blogs that are talking about different games that are available for your grabs.

Freelancing and Remote Work Blogs

It is a great way to learn how to earn extra bucks from freelancing work. Moreover, it’s the best mode of working during the pandemic. All you need is a laptop, reliable internet and you are good to go. 

You have no risks of contracting or spreading the disease since you are working from home. This way you protect yourself and your family yet earning in the comfort of your home.

SOP Blogs

Discover These Blog Niches That Are Soaring During the Pandemic
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These are so many blogs to teach people what standard operative measures are in place to avoid spread of Covid-19. Some will be teaching you how to wash hands thoroughly for about 2 minutes. 

They teach you how to wash under the nails, the fingers, the thumbs, back of your palms with soap and water. Others will be teaching you how to keep a social distance of 2 meters between the person before and after you. 


Whether you need to learn how to create a strong family bond, or how to talk and listen to your children, you will find blogs for them. Work related blogs like freelancing work are doing great too.