Proven Tips On How To Look Taller In Photos

Have you ever heard someone compliment you that you look tall just by looking at your pictures? How did that make you feel? Very good, right? Many of us know the struggle of being short and not being able to look tall in photos. It can ve very frustrating. However, all hope is not lost; with the right tricks and the best photographer, you can still acquire that perfect shot.


It’s crucial to note that this takes time, practice, and effort. If the first photo does not turn out perfect, don’t give up! Take the second photo, then the third, and so on until when you get the ideal shot. To help this process go much more quickly, we have a few helpful tricks to share with you.

If you are petite or short and are trying to get the perfect Instagram photos or blog images, this is the right article for you. Here are some of the proven tips that will get you looking tall in your photos. Continue reading to find out more.


Your Photographer Should Shoot At Eye Level

If you have someone who is taking your photos, make sure they lower their camera or phone to your eye level. The key is positioning the camera to your eye level and not their eye level. This helps people to perceive you at eye level, meaning they gauge the picture from your perspective.


If your friend, photographer, or boyfriend takes the photo from their eye level, and if they are taller than you, then people might look down at you; from this perspective, you will look shorter than you already are.

Most people also tend to take selfies at a downward angle, which also makes them look shorter. If you are petite, this is the last thing you want to happen in your photos; unless, of course, you would like to appear short. To avoid looking short, take all of your photos at eye level.

Take Photos At An Upward Angle

This is another excellent tip to get you looking taller in your photos. Ask your photographer or whoever is taking your photos to squat down and take pictures at an upward angle; it will make you look taller. Some people have mixed feelings about this trick, but it works magic.

You might be wondering whether your head will seem disproportionate, and that can occur. However, to avoid this, adjust your face and look straight in the camera.

Always Wear Heels When Taking Photos

Well, this might sound an old tick, but hey, it works! We all know heels make you look taller even in real life, and this is especially true when taking photos. If you take a look at models and their Instagram photos, most of them wear heels. Even though you are sitting or standing, wearing heels is one sure way to add height to your photos.

You might argue that heels are not your cup of tea, and it’s very ok. In that case, wear low heels or block heels, one or two inches is enough to help you during your photo shoot. There are also ‘kitten heels’ that are comfortable and still have the same lengthening effect.

Take Advantage Of Your Surroundings

Look around the surroundings where you are shooting, can you see stairs? Then make use of them and you will look taller in your photos. If you have any walls or rails behind you, leaning on them will make you appear taller in your photos. But as always, make sure your photographer shoots at an upward level.

Wear The Right Outfit

It’s very crucial not to wear oversized clothes if you want to appear taller. If you are not a fashionista, then you have to be extra careful with the choice of clothes you make. Whereas some people think oversized clothes make them look sexy, you don’t want to overdo it as this might make you look shorter or smaller.

If it’s a maxi dress that you want to wear, make sure it’s not touching the floor too much. If it’s a pair of jeans that you are looking at, make sure they are not too baggy. Wearing the right sizes will go a long way in making you look taller.

Step One Foot Forward

You have probably seen this in different photos on Instagram or other blog posts. Crossing your legs or putting one leg forward will also help you look taller. These positions have the effect of adding presumed length to your legs, which makes you seem taller than you actually are.



Apart from crossing legs or putting a leg forward, taking long strides as a pose will make your legs look longer and leaner, making you look taller overall. You might take a long stride and pose or you may actually walk during the shoot. Choose whatever feels most comfortable for you! Remember to just be yourself and move with the flow.

Posture Is Everything

There are people who naturally photogenic and there are some who just aren’t, and that’s okay. Take time looking through people’s photos and learning some new tricks and poses. Standing straight with your head held high will help you look taller in photos. When you are sitting, make sure you cross your legs and put your shoulders back. Also, remember to keep your chin up, and your stomach flat – think of model poses.

Never Stand Next To Anyone

Another tip to help you look taller is to never to stand next to anyone. This is because when you stand next to another person, it gives people a comparison of your height in ratio to whoever you are standing next to. If you still doubt this, try it out. You will see exactly what we are talking about.

Bottom Line

If you have been struggling to take the perfect photo, then these tips will help you look taller naturally. However, don’t focus too much on looking tall and forget other aspects that make a great photo, like confidence and a nice smile. Even without looking tall, confidence will take your photo to another level.