10 Ways To Stay Organized While Traveling

Even the most organized bag packer needs to know various ways to remain organized when going to a new locale. New travel destinations can make you feel off-kilter. Thus, the need to be well organized during your entire journey is significant. Organization saves on time and helps you avoid many challenges.


It’s difficult at times to remain organized while traveling, especial when using one bag for packing. Not staying organized will create a lot of stress when it is time to repack for your return. Therefore, staying organized is crucial for saving time and keeping track of all your items.

Remaining organized plays a significant role in how smoothly your travels go. However, staying organized is a simple task when using the right tools and packing techniques. Below are various hacks to help you remain comfortable and organized on your journey, no matter the location. Read along and see if any of these tips can help you on your next trip.



Use Packing Cubes

If you are moving around every couple of days, continually packing your bag can be challenging. Packing cubes are highly durable and help you separate the clothes, toiletries, and accessories. They are available in a variety of different sizes and are an easy-to-use tool to stay organized. They will transform your suitcase into a neatly compartmentalized closet. Packing and unpacking are simplified with packing cubes. There is no need to dump everything out to find a single item.


Carry An Organized Wallet

Purchase a wallet with many pockets to help with the organization of your cards. It should be indispensable and not bulky so you can easily put it in your bag or pocket. A well-organized wallet reduces the chances of losing items. Some wallets have a zipper compartment, thus you have the perfect place to keep other small important items as well.

A Hanging Toiletry Bag

The 42 travels unisex toiletry kit has mesh pockets to facilitate easy storage. Plus, the variety of pockets helps you sperate your toiletries that you use at different times. Also, liquid shampoos can explode on your clothes or other packed items. Avoid such damage by storing them in ziplock bags.

Use Google Maps To Plan Each Day

Traveling blindly in a new locale is dangerous because you can easily end up getting lost. Drop pins to mark your destinations for the day on your mobile phone in the Google Map app. Ensure you can track and see all your destinations for the day. Dropping pins is the easiest way to remain on track even without Wi-Fi.

Use Plastic Bags

Plastic bags come in handy for a variety of different packing situations. They also come in various sizes. Plus, they don’t take up much space, so you can easily stash some in your suitcase for later use. 

Plastic bags are waterproof, so you can use them to keep important documents and other items safe from the weather. In addition, you can use a large plastic bag to sperate your dirty clothes from those that are clean in your suitcase. This is especially helpful if you end up with clothes that are muddy after a day of exploring.

Unpack Immediately

After arriving at your destination, unpack everything even if your trip is short. Unpack the toiletries in the bathroom. Further, your clothes and shoes should be arranged neatly in the closet. Unpacking will make your stay stress free. You will not be struggling to find what to wear or have to spend time searching for a single toiletry from a rumpled pile on the floor.

Recreate Your Environment

Many people find it hard to remain organized while residing in a hotel. The best solution is making your new surroundings home-like. Find a place to leave your keys. Consider a bowl or box near your room or always in your wallet or purse. Organize your clothing in the same configuration you would have it in at home. This process will also help you pack everything when it is time to leave

Organize Your Travel Technologies

Does your travel require a lot of technology? You can buy several great accessory organizers to help you stay stress-free. Many of them are fitted with elastic bands to hold your earphones, chargers, power banks, and other technology accessories. There are often additional pockets for your computer or tablet. Plus, more often than not, they are lightweight and easily fit into carry-on bags.

In addition, organizing your technologies makes it easier to organize your itineraries on your smartphone. Itinerary apps will help you book hotels, rental cars, schedules and trace your direction. It’s also possible to share your itinerary apps with others, and while traveling as a group, you can easily track each other. Ensure to pack a power bank to help you remain online throughout your travels.

Organize Your Seatback

While traveling with a personal vehicle, do not cram everything in the trunk. It becomes stressful when you need something during your travel, and you realize it’s in the trunk. To avoid such stress pack your necessities in your seatback. You can put everything you will need here, such as snacks, drinks, and maps.

Make a list of everything you will need for your travels. Then, when packing, you can easily place all the items in their respective places. Check items off as you pack to avoid leaving anything out. You can also use this list when leaving to make sure that nothing has been left behind.

Use A Packing List

Before pulling your suitcase out of the closet to start packing, ensure you have a well-written packing list. You can also use a packing list app to help you. After making a list of all the travel necessities, place them neatly in your suitcase. When packing, make sure to carefully consider what you will be doing during your travels. This way, you will know exactly what you need to bring.

Bottom Line

Before traveling, purchase all the necessities and cross-check your list to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Use the above techniques and tools since they are reliable and enhanced your organization. You will save on time and money with these methods.