Tips on How to Enjoy Solo Dining

Are you scared that you will get bored and feel awkward when you go out solo dining? Well, the truth is that it’s not as bad and lonely as people make it look like. The media depicts eating alone as a selfish, loner, or pathetic thing.


But in reality, many people happily enjoy meals alone, and when you’re solo traveling, eating alone may be your only option.

Whereas solo dining continues to trend, the question remains: How can you have a great time and enjoy your single dinner? Here are a few tips to have your perfect solo dinner experience.

Solo Dining

Go for a Strategic Seat

No matter where you are, never sit in the middle of the restaurant; you will be the center of attraction. Instead, go for a seat at the bar. In most cases, bartenders are very easy to engage with, and chances are, you might find other solo dinners at the bar ready to have a chat with you.

Consider going to an open kitchen kind of restaurant, where you can commend the chef for the job well done. That itself might spark a conversation that will take you through the night. There is always something to talk about when it comes to food. Better still, go to a restaurant showing sports games; you will be surprised how sports unite people.


Go at the Right Time

If you want to dine alone, avoid doing so during peak hours. During rush hours, staff usually seems busy trying to serve the many people around them. It might even be weird standing alone, waiting for a free seat to occupy.

Instead, go for a late dinner where you will not be rushed, and attendants will have time to spare and answer your questions. However, “late” does not mean going when bars are closing. One hour to closing time is perfect.

Carry Your Clutch

Remember to carry that magazine, book, Kindle, or your smartphone. Having a look at devices occasionally is not a bad idea. However, being glued on your phone for too long sends a signal of “do not interrupt” to fellow dinners.

If it’s a conversation you want to have with someone, it will be hard to find it. If a conversation is awkward, you can always get back to your magazine to put an end to it.

Initiate a Conversation

No, it will not be awkward. If you are the shy type, start with the staff. Ask if they have any special drinks that day. Ask what is on the menu, or better still, ask for their recommendations.

Once you get comfortable doing so, ask the person seated next to you what they are eating. Don’t overdo it. Some people might think you are being too intrusive if they just want a night alone. Approaching your neighbor will not only give you an idea of what to eat, but you will also be seen as friendly and approachable.

Identify Your Exit Route

If you are in a strange town, is it not safe being stranded alone on the street trying to figure out which way to take. That should be the last situation you find yourself in. As you plan your night out, know how to get back home, which route you took, and if possible, have transport contact numbers, just in case you have to call them.


There you have it, folks; these are some of the tips to give you an unforgettable solo dining experience. It is always hard as you start, but once you get used to it, you will wonder why you were ever afraid in the first place.