Vitamin Foods – Cook with These Foods to Up Your Vitamin Dosage

Vitamins and minerals are vital to your body, just like water and air. They not only fuel your body and keep it working fine, but they also protect them from diseases.


However, everything that we eat is not stored by our bodies. For instance, human bodies don’t store vitamin C, which is why it’s essential to consume it regularly.

In this guide, we will look at benefits of having vitamins and highlight some of the best foods that are rich in it. Read on to learn more about these vitamins and foods that are a healthy option.

Vitamin Foods - Cook with These Foods to Up Your Vitamin Dosage

Meals and Recipes to Boost Vitamin C Intake

You can incorporate these foods in any meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. For breakfast, avoid juices since some are high in sugar. Instead go for smoothies made with plain yogurt, strawberries, and kiwi.

Turmeric and papaya smoothie can also work wonders for consuming Vitamin C. Also, try an omelette cooked with peppers. Having Vitamin C loaded foods at lunchtime helps prevent fatigue and keeps your energy levels high. 


Be sure to have spinach, kale, and mandarin oranges. Black bean chili and sweet potatoes are a good option too, and so are avocados. For dinner time, add some vegetables to your chicken and generously squeeze some orange juice over. 

Other options include chicken breast with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, along with cauliflower rice. Here are some more foods and recipes that are rich in all kinds of vitamins that you can try out to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Beef Liver

Beef liver is one of the richest sources of Vitamin A, and this is because animals store Vitamin A in the liver, just like humans. You can prepare this either for lunch or dinner and top it up with some leafy greens too. Liver sausage and lamb’s liver are also high in Vitamin A.

Cod Liver Oil

Studies have shown that just one tablespoon of cod liver oil can provide up to 4,080 micrograms. This helps fight inflammation, prevents depression, and protects your heart, among other illnesses. It is also a source of Vitamin D, which helps boost immunity and is also helpful for bone health.


This versatile ingredient is not only rich in Vitamin A but beta carotene as well. They make a healthy snack that you can serve alongside hummus or even guacamole. If you have been having issues with constipation, since carrots are also high in fiber, they can help you with better gut health.


Spinach has hundreds of benefits for your body. Not only does it lower blood pressure, but it improves heart health as well. Simply sauté your spinach and add it to your pasta dishes or even soups.


Broccoli is a rich a source of Vitamin K, which helps metabolism and blood clotting. You can either roast or fry it, add it in soups, or even to your salads and enjoy a hearty meal.

Sweet Red Pepper

Vitamin Foods - Cook with These Foods to Up Your Vitamin Dosage

Packed with lots of nutrients, sweet red peppers will help boost your immunity and give you amazing health benefits. You can either scramble the peppers together with eggs, cook and eat them in sandwiches or even make a healthy dip with them.

Bottom Line

Eating foods rich in all kind of vitamins will help boost your immunity and avoid lots of health issues. There are several ways you can incorporate these foods into your daily meal.

Be sure to have at least one or two vitamins and vegetables in your meals every day for a healthier life and balanced diet.