Get Inspired By These Healthiest Countries In The World

Have you made new resolutions to live a healthier life? Traveling to new places gives you new thrilling experiences, therefore, keeps your mind and body engaged. This is a perfect way to gain new skills and live a healthier life. This is especially true when you travel to some of the healthiest countries in the world. Traveling comes with many benefits since you will involve yourself in different activities and learn more information.


While choosing the destination for your vacation or a place where you can achieve your goals, consider countries with numerous natural beauties, sightseeing areas, and different traditions. In many cases, the landscapes and security factors determine whether a country is healthy or not.

Here is a list of top countries you should coddler visiting if you want to live a healthy life full of experiences. These countries have everything you could ask for in terms of environmental factors, health risks, life expectancy, and security. Learn more about the world’s healthiest countries below.


healthiest countries


Israel is the perfect place to be since this country is rich in seafood and vegetables. The country is reputed with high-quality farming; therefore, you will enjoy fresh farm fruits and vegetables during your stay. According to research, Israel has the lowest number of deaths associated with cholesterol.


So, you can enjoy traditional meals in Israel without worrying about your cholesterol intake. Israel’s diet is associated with improving health and reducing the chances of having diabetes. This country, therefore, is a must-visit since it has high-quality meals for you.


Singapore is known across the world for its food scene. People living in Singapore have access to well-cooked and high-quality meals. Therefore, they don’t have to hit the gym or go for workout sessions to keep their bodies fit.

This country’s government has also taken the initiative to ensure that all food makers provide quality food. You will have no worries even eating along the streets while still enjoying the beauty of this country.


Norway has set a legacy in terms of clean air and drinking water. There is a high life expectancy of 83 years in Norway. While visiting this country, you don’t have to worry about air pollution or dirty water since the health department has the mission of creating a conducive living environment.

Moreover, in Norway, there is a low rate of homicide. Therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself out about safety matters. Also, the jaw-dropping landscapes in this area will improve your life bit by bit. This country is the perfect place to be if you want to live for a long time long and have a healthy life.


Sweden has a high life expectancy of 82 years. This country provides you with a healthy diet low in carbs and with the right type of fats. Sweden is a nomadic country; therefore, you will enjoy long healthy walks while enjoying the country’s outdoor experiences.

Moreover, people living in Sweden, mostly in the city setting, bike or walk to and from work. Thus, you will have a good time living an active life in this country. Most health problems are associated with obesity and inactive lifestyles, but in Sweden, you will not experience such cases. People are always on the move keeping their mind and body active.


Japan’s population is associated with a high lifespan, which is mostly attributed to their eating habits and traditions. People in Japan believe in exercise and healthy meals. They are often living for more than 80 years. Your visit to Japan guarantees healthy traditional meals and going for exercise monitored and guided by an expert.


Italy has also shown proof of long lifespans and people living for more than 80 years. Even though there are many pizza and pasta shops, most people in Italy believe in an active lifestyle. Most people rely on vegetable and olive oil diets, therefore, maintaining their cholesterol levels.

Italians traditional meals contribute to their general wellbeing with low disease rates and deaths. This place also hosts numerous cultures and traditions that involve exercising the body to remain active.


Citizens of Spain insist on freshness, keeping their environment clean, and ensuring there is less pollution. Most of the people rely on fresh vegetables, red wine, lean meat, and other cholesterol-free diets. They also lead a healthy and active life full of exercise and eating fewer fast foods.

healthiest countries

Bottom Line

While choosing a destination, consider countries with high life expectancy and where there are traditions to keep your body active and healthy. These countries offer the best meals and healthy lifestyles. We hope this list of the healthiest countries in the world helps you stay healthy while traveling!