Products to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you think so or not, there are some tried and true products that will be essential to have with you while traveling.


You have probably planned for your vacation for a full year, so the last thing you want is to ruin it by falling sick. Whereas most travelers don’t pay attention to these things, packing a few products can help you protect your skin and body from germs.

Here are a few must-have items to keep you safe and healthy on your next vacation. We hope they make your travels more care-free and fun!

Must-Have Travel Products
Must-Have Travel Products

First-Aid Kit

Having a first-aid kit is a must when traveling.

Never underestimate the importance of having a first-aid kit. Be sure it is fully stocked with antiseptic wipes, bandages, and other medical essentials that you might need on your vacation. These might come in handy in case of any injury when you have no access to your doctor. There are many options to choose from; however, check with your doctor before you make any decision regarding a serious injury. This may require a visit to the nearest hospital.

Where to pack your first-aid kit also matters. If you plan to carry it in your carry-on, check whether any products will not be allowed past the security line. Liquids such as antibiotic creams, gels, and other gels, plus sharp objects like scissors, needles, and lancets might be confiscated. To be safe, pack them in your suitcase.


Ear Plugs

Have a pair of ear plugs with you for the plane.

Earplugs will regulate the pressure that you might feel during take-off and as you land. So, if you are the kind of traveler that experiences pain in your ears when the plane is taking off, having a pair of earplugs will go a long way.

Some travelers also prefer to use them while mountain climbing. Be sure to choose the best brands that will not affect your comfort level.


Bring sunscreen for your best skin health.

Almost every traveler has experienced a sunburn at least once in their life. This not only causes pain but will also mess up your whole vacation experience.

Do yourself a favor by taking sunscreen and sun-repellent products like sun shades with you. Also, if you have outdoor activities on your agenda, be sure to buy reef-safe sunscreens.

Pill Organizer

A pill organizer will remind you to take your daily medications.

Do you have medications that you are supposed to take at specific times each day of the week? Well, keeping tabs and following your schedule, especially in new time zones, can be very tricky.

To save yourself this kind of stress, purchase a user-friendly pill organizer such as the Ezy Dose. It is portable, light, and can easily fit in your carry-on.

Antibacterial Gel and Wipes

Have some antibacterial gel with you to stay clean.

This is a must-have for everyone, regardless of where you are going. If you have read our article on the dirtiest places on a plane, you will understand why you should never miss having a packet of antibacterial wipes in your bag.

When you get into the plane, be sure to wipe that tray table before you use it, wipe your TV remote before using it, plus that movie screen. These are areas that tend to be ignored while cleaning and carry lots of germs. Also, if you can’t make it to the sink to wash your hands, that gel will come in handy.

Water Purifier

Pure water or a water purifier is a good addition to your carry-on.

Do you intend to go backpacking? Are you traveling in a country with unsafe drinking water? Carry some purified water that is sealed or a portable water filter.

There are so many options on the market, and you can easily get a Brita water bottle to carry your purifier on the go. Be sure to ask for recommendations from your pharmacist. The last thing you want is to drink contaminated water; you will regret it for the rest of your vacation.


Traveling anywhere is a step out of your comfort zone in a number of ways. To make sure that you are as healthy as possible when out of reach of your home and doctor, pack these products for a healthy trip!