Disney Frozen Adventures: Customize the Kingdom – Learn How to Play

We all know and love the animated movie Frozen. From the funny antics of its characters to its heartwarming stories, Frozen has captured our hearts and continues to do so with other media forms. 


Jam City had developed and launched a new mobile game based on the popular animated franchise before the second Frozen movie was released. Inspired by both films, Disney Frozen Adventures is a mobile game that follows our beloved characters like Elsa and Anna as they solve puzzles and decorate the fabled kingdom of Arendelle. 

The game puts players into the driver seat with its unique set of environment and features. If you want to know more about the game, here’s where you can download, learn how to play the game, and get to know this amazing mobile game better.

Disney Frozen Adventures: Customize the Kingdom - Learn How to Play
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Explore Arendelle And Beyond

Disney Frozen Adventures is a mobile game direct from the world of Frozen. With three exciting puzzle adventures to choose from, players can pick Elsa, Anna, and Olaf as you customize the kingdom and solve different puzzles as you go along. 


You can also decorate and design the halls of Arendelle and beyond. Set with Arendelle and a nearby location, Disney Frozen Adventures take you to familiar locales featured in both the first and second movie. 


Want to redecorate the halls of the palace with snow? You can do so by taking on different quests and be rewarded with supplies to help you decorate. You can fill the castle with snowflakes and other designs to make the castle look even more beautiful.

Be Part Of The Story

Take part in the story that takes place after the movies and participate in events that will allow you to unlock special in-game prizes and rewards. The match-three puzzle game offers some of the most fun and cerebral experiences that players will truly like. 

Interact with different characters in the game and go on different quests with Kristoff beyond the castle walls as you travel through the Oaken’s Trading Post. The mobile game currently offers 120 new levels and explores new rooms and characters such as the Toy Shop and the Toy Maker. 

To play the match-three puzzle, all you need to do is match the same crystal pieces to remove them from the board. The goal is to collect special pieces within the board.

Disney Frozen Adventures: Customize the Kingdom - Learn How to Play
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How To Download?

Disney Frozen Adventures is available for download at the Google Play Store. Start by downloading the game and login through the use of Google. 

The game is currently free to download and has an option to purchase in-app items with real money.

Tips When Playing The Game

As a mobile game, Disney Frozen Adventures requires you to play the game on a regular interval. The best way to earn bonus rewards is to log in to the game every day. 

Whether you visit the store or play a few stages in the game, logging in daily will net you many bonus rewards that will help you when you encounter difficult levels. Most rewards include items that allow you to retry the level or other items that boost your gameplay.

Special Combos

Use Crystal combos when you are having trouble solving the puzzle. The game has three major crystal combos – Line Clears, Crystal Blast, and Ice Butterfly. You get a Line Clear when you match up to four crystals in a line, whether it is vertical or horizontal. 

Crystal Blast can be achieved by matching five crystals in an L or T pattern. When activated, Crystal Blasts clears out most crystals adjacent to the area where you used it. An Ice Butterfly is acquired when you can match four crystals in a square formation, and upon using, it clears off a piece from the board.

Lastly, a Rainbow Snowflake can be achieved when you match five crystals in a line. If matched with another crystal, this power-up will clear all the crystals of the same nature on the board, making it a lot easier to end the game. 

These special pieces will surely help you clear levels faster and gain rewards more effectively.


With the Frozen movies already out since last year, it is the best time for you to pick up its mobile game and enjoy the experience together with the beloved characters from the movies. 

Young and old gamers will truly feel the spirit of Arendelle and experience a mobile game that lets you complete puzzles and design castles at the same time.