Discover These Relaxation Techniques for Kids

When we face danger or threat, our bodies react by being psychologically alerted, says Kirrilie Smout, a child therapist. The impact of such vulnerability can be a severe tension that causes hyperventilation, and a rigidity of muscles.


The flight reaction to the danger must be similar regardless of the nature of the threat – real or imagined. The initial way to address anxiety in kids is to make parents understand the physical impacts of feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, or distressed.

In the long term, the impact can be destructive as the kids are likely to encounter chronic diseases such as headaches, soreness in the muscles, or stomachaches. However, you can use the following relaxation techniques for your kids to avert any of these. Read on to learn more.

Discover These Relaxation Techniques for Kids
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Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are among the easiest and most-effective relaxation methods for children. These techniques aid them in mindful breathing. When you teach kids to assume deep, and slow breaths assist in calming them mentally, and physically.

Also, these exercises halt the thinking of kids and make them think about their present feeling, to distance themselves from overwhelming emotions. There are several breathing exercises that children can take.


First, is the back-to-back breathing that makes the child sit on the floor with a fellow kid. One of them begins taking deep and slow breaths while the other attempts to match the breathing of the first child.  

Tummy Breathing

The next breathing is tummy breathing. This technique allows the child to lie on the ground while an animal is stuffed on their bellies. Then, the kid inhales and exhales slowly and deeply as they think of making the animal sleep when rising and falling.

Further, there is the elephant breathing where the children stand with spread feet and arms as they dangle forward, similar to the trunk of an elephant. 

Then, the kid breathes in slowly via the nose and lets their arms go over their heads, and finally exhaling slowly through the mouth while letting their arms down. There are other breathing styles, such as bubble breathing, balloon breathing, shoulder roll breathing, and many more. 

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is a technique mastered by a few children. Yet, the activities and principles involved in meditation are beneficial for the kids. Also, several yoga exercises can assist. 

First, is the Third Eye Yoga Diamond the children reduce their levels of stress while they are young. In this technique, the kids lie down as a tiny crystal is put on their heads. Then, they are told to concentrate on that item, and imagine its weight, color, weight, if it is cold or warm, etc.

This crystal stone is full of magic, and it is designed to seep relaxation through the child’s body while they breathe. 

Sleeping Fairies and Elves

The Sleeping Fairies and Elves is another type of yoga that involves cool music and imaginary dust.  The child relaxes in a kids’ pose while someone touches them smoothly on the back.

In silent bell yoga, kids circle, while on their knees as a bell passes around the ring. Every child taps the signal in turns and focuses on the resulting sound. 

Then the kid passes the bell slowly and carefully to the next and ensures no sound is made. The children are now relaxed and prepared for the subsequent exercises.

Simple Exercise

Discover These Relaxation Techniques for Kids
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The link between improved well-being and exercise is unparalleled and not easy to scientifically document. Exercise is known to release brain endorphins which helps improve the mood of an individual. Additionally, people’s anxiety levels lower as they exercise. 

For instance, exercise can enhance the mood of a kid by taking their mind off from anything that was stressing them. Particularly, the child can benefit more from team activities and social involvement.

Scientists note that walking with a kid helps to reduce their stress levels than sedentary interactions. Moreover, yoga exercise benefits the children greatly in their mental and physical domains.


Children can gain a lot when they apply these relaxation techniques. Compounded anxiety levels is dangerous for people of all ages, and detrimental to kids. 

Therefore, through yoga and meditation, some light exercises, and deep breathing exercises are some of the ways for ensuring relaxation among children.